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The benefit of summary books is that they distill the main ideas of a book into easily accessible material. Are you too preoccupied to read all of the books on your list? Instead, look for summary books to swiftly acquire insight, prepare for a meeting, or determine whether or not to purchase the book. You may spend a few minutes to an hour reading a single book instead of six to ten hours.

Summary books are useful for time-pressed entrepreneurs, busy managers, executives, students, and others. 

What is a Summary Book?

When we talk about summary books, we’re talking about someone who has read a book and created a new product called a summary. A summary is far shorter than the original book, presenting essential themes raised by the author in the summarizer’s words and phrases. A book description isn’t plagiarized, nor is it a copycat attempting to pass itself off as the original. Rather, the summary is its own new work, although one that is shorter and acknowledges the original author’s major ideas.

Why Read Summary Books?

People read summary books for a variety of reasons.

– Learn material more quickly and free up time for other activities.
– Be successful in the workplace, in life, and in school.
– In meetings, you should appear knowledgeable.
– Make reading lists to help your team grow.
– Get motivated to achieve greater heights.

«Such many books, so little time,» observed musician Frank Zappa. In the information era of the internet, summary books address our reduced attention spans. Some individuals nowadays have difficulty concentrating on lengthy novels. We can read more books in less time thanks to summary books.

What is the Optimal Book Summary Length?

The optimum length of the summary books is determined by your reading habits and objectives. Consider the following points.

– Goal: To determine whether to purchase a book – A few phrases or paragraphs may be all you need to determine whether the topic piques your interest enough to purchase the book.
– Goal: To be inspired by facts and ideas — If you want to discover what the author means or essential issues without reading the complete book, a longer synopsis is better.
– Goal: To consume literature quickly – Some individuals desire to read a lot but only have so much time. A variety of services describe how long it takes to digest their summary. Focus on a quick reading experience whether you’re reading, listening to book summaries while on a coffee break at work, or utilizing an app between appointments or at home.

Summary books vs Study Guides: What is the Difference?

Study notes or study guides are more than just summary books. Study guides, which are mostly aimed at students, try to offer value by giving analysis and study assistance.

Most of the books you will find on this site are study guides and most also come in two formats, ebook and paperback.
This list is updated almost daily and you will normally discover two or three new summary books each week.
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