Sold on a Monday Summary

Sold on a Monday

A high-quality summary of Kristina McMorris´s book Sold on a Monday including chapter details and analysis of the main themes of the original book.

About the original Sold on a Monday book:

Sale of two children.
The sign is a last-ditch attempt. It’s set on a farmhouse porch in 1931, but it might have been set anywhere at a time of breadlines, bank runs, and crushed hopes. It might have been written by any mother who was faced with difficult decisions.

The heartbreaking incident brings back memories of his family’s tragic history for struggling reporter Ellis Reed. He takes an image of the kids that aren’t intended for publication. When it leads to his big break, however, the ramifications are far worse than he could have anticipated.

Sold on a Monday is a dramatic novel about love, atonement, and the unexpected routes that lead us home, inspired by a true newspaper image that shook the nation.

Sold on a Monday Summary is written by Condensed Books.

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