The Lost Duke of Wyndham Audiobook

The Lost Duke of Wyndham Audiobook
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The Lost Duke of Wyndham by Julia Quinn Audiobook

Jack Audley has a track record as a highwayman.
To be precise, a soldier. And he’s always been a thorn in my side. He’s not a peer of the realm, and he’s never wanted to be one, in charge of an ancient legacy and the livelihood of hundreds of people. When he is identified as the long-lost son of the House of Wyndham, his carefree life comes to an end. If his birth is confirmed to be genuine, he will inherit the title of Duke of Wyndham, which he has always despised.
Grace Eversleigh has been the dowager Duchess of Wyndham’s companion for the past five years. It’s a thankless job with little variety…until Jack Audley appears in her life, all rakish smiles and debonair charm. He doesn’t take no for an answer, and she doesn’t want to say no when she’s in his arms. If he is the real duke, however, he is the one man she will never be able to have…

special invitation from audible

Did and the rhythmic clip-clop of the horse’s hooves was making her drowsy it was strange her eyes were tired even though the rest of her was not but perhaps a nap would not be such a misplaced endeavor as soon as they returned to belgrave she would be required to aid the damager with crack grace sat up straight glancing over at her employer who miraculously had not awakened what was that sound had someone crack this time the carriage lurched coming to a halt so swiftly that the damager who was facing front as usual was jerked off her seat grace immediately dropped to her knees next to her employer her arms instinctively coming around her what the devil the dow just snapped but fell silent when she caught grace’s expression grace whispered the dowager’s lips pursed tightly and then she yanked off her emerald necklace and thrust it at grace hide this she ordered me grace practically squeaked but she shoved the jewels under a cushion all the same and all she could think was that she would dearly like to smack a little sense into the esteemed augusta windum because if she were killed because the dowager was too cheap to hand over her jewels the door was wrenched open stand and deliver grace froze still crouched on the floor next to the dowager slowly she lifted her head to the doorway but all she could see was the silvery end of a gun round and menacing and pointed at her forehead ladies came the voice again and this time it was a bit different almost polite the speaker then stepped forward out of the shadows and with a graceful motion swept his arm in an ark to usher them out the pleasure of your company if you will he murmured grace felt her eyes dart back and forth an exercise in futility to be sure as there was clearly no avenue of escape she turned to the dowager expecting to find her spitting with fury but instead she had gone white it was then that grace realized she was shaking the dowager was shaking both of them were the high women leaned in one shoulder resting against the door frame he smiled then slow and lazy and with the charm of a rogue how grace could see all of that when half of his face was covered with his mask she did not know but three things about him were abundantly clear he was young he was strong and he was dangerously lethal mom gray said giving the dowager a nudge i think we should do as he says i do love a sensible woman he said and smiled again just a quirk this time one devastating little lift at the corner of his mouth but his gun remained high and his charm did little to assuage grace’s fear and then he extended his other arm he extended his arm as if they were embarking at a house party as if he were a country gentleman about to inquire about the weather may i be of assistance he murmured grace shook her head frantically she could not touch him she did not know why precisely but she knew in her bones that it would be utter disaster to put her hand in his very well he said with a small sigh ladies today are so very capable it breaks my heart really he leaned in almost as if sharing a secret no one likes to feel superfluous grace just stared at him rendered mute by my grace and charm he said stepping back to allow them to exit it happens all the time really i shouldn’t be allowed near the ladies i have such a vexing effect on you he was mad that was the only explanation grace didn’t care how pretty his manners were he had to be mad and he had a gun although he mused his weapon rocked steady even as his words seemed to meander through the air some would surely say that a mute woman is the least vexing of all thomas wood grace thought the duke of wyndham who had years ago insisted that she use his given name at belgrave after a farcical chorus of your grace miss grace your grace


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