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None of This Is True Overview

«None of This Is True,» published in 2023, marks Lisa Jewell’s 21st novel. Known for her expertise in psychological thrillers and crime fiction, Jewell has consistently appeared on the New York Times bestseller list. Her literary journey began with «Ralph’s Party» in 1999, initially conceived as a response to a friend’s challenge to write three chapters of a novel in exchange for a lavish dinner outing. Surpassing expectations, «Ralph’s Party» quickly became a bestseller, launching Jewell’s career as a celebrated author.

Since her debut, Jewell’s captivating narratives have been translated into over 25 languages, solidifying her status as a prominent figure in the literary world. Renowned for her adeptness in crafting gripping psychological thrillers, Jewell continues to captivate readers with her compelling storytelling and intricate plots. With «None of This Is True» adding to her impressive repertoire, Jewell’s legacy as a master of suspenseful fiction endures.

None of This Is True Summary

«None of This Is True» blends elements of psychological thriller and true crime genres, employing multiple narrative voices to unravel the complex relationship between podcaster Alix Summer and Josie Fair. Josie, a woman seeking change in her life, approaches Alix on their shared 45th birthday to propose collaborating on a podcast documenting Josie’s transformative journey and her troubled past. Despite their contrasting lifestyles—Josie resides in a modest apartment with her husband, Walter, and daughters, while Alix lives in luxury with her family—the two women embark on the project together.

As the interviews progress in Alix’s recording studio, shocking revelations about Josie’s life come to light. Josie’s early marriage to Walter, a significant age difference, and allegations of abuse against their daughter Erin paint a grim picture. With their eldest daughter, Roxy, having been left under mysterious circumstances, and Erin confined to her bedroom and subsisting on baby food, Josie’s life becomes increasingly enigmatic and disturbing.

The narrative unfolds through a combination of traditional storytelling and supplementary materials, including interviews and transcripts from a Netflix documentary based on their story. As Alix delves deeper into Josie’s past, the sinister undercurrents of their relationship come to the forefront, blurring the lines between truth and deception in this gripping psychological thriller.

As Josie’s revelations progress, Alix becomes increasingly unsettled by the situation. Despite Josie’s intrusion into her personal life, Alix is determined to see the podcast through, recognizing its potential significance. However, tensions escalate when Josie’s behavior crosses boundaries, such as taking small items from Alix’s home during their interviews.

During a dinner gathering at Alix’s house, Nathan’s absence due to his ongoing battle with alcohol addiction causes friction. Josie, angered by the situation, later arrives at Alix’s doorstep severely beaten, claiming Walter’s violence toward her and Erin. Desperate for help, Josie implores Alix to shelter her and Erin.

Over the following week, Josie makes herself at home in Alix’s house, exploiting Alix’s trust while subtly sowing seeds of doubt regarding Nathan’s fidelity. Despite Alix’s growing suspicions, the podcast interviews continue, delving into the disappearance of Roxy’s former girlfriend, Brooke Ripley.

When Josie eventually departs, Alix believes her influence is at an end. However, Nathan mysteriously vanishes, prompting Alix to realize Josie’s involvement. As the search for Nathan ensues, shocking revelations surface. Police discover Walter’s lifeless body in Josie’s apartment, with Erin found comatose and severely injured. Erin’s awakening from her coma reveals startling truths: Walter had supported her gaming endeavors, fostering her independence, and Josie had orchestrated Brooke’s murder.

With Erin’s testimony corroborating Josie’s guilt, Alix learns the horrifying extent of Josie’s deception and the devastating consequences of her actions. As the truth unfolds, Alix grapples with the aftermath of Josie’s manipulation and the harrowing crimes committed under her roof.

The police eventually locate where Josie had been holding Nathan, but tragically, they arrive too late—he has already passed away. In a text message to Alix, Josie claims Nathan’s death was unintentional, asserting that her intention was merely to provide Alix with a taste of freedom from him. Despite a vaguely threatening letter from Josie, Alix never hears from her again.

Over a year later, Josie overhears two women discussing the Netflix documentary based on Alix’s podcast recounting her story. Memories flood back to Josie, recalling the night of Brooke’s death and how Roxy inadvertently caused it, leading the family to conceal the truth. Despite the turmoil and darkness surrounding her actions, Josie clings to the belief that, above all else, she is a good mother.

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None of This Is True Themes

  • Deception and Manipulation: The central conflict revolves around Josie’s lies and her manipulation of Alix’s life. The story delves into the motivations behind deception and the consequences it has on both the deceiver and the deceived.
  • The Power of Social Media: The podcast platform plays a significant role in the story, showcasing how social media can be used to shape narratives and manipulate public perception.
  • The Blurring of Lines Between Reality and Perception: Josie’s fabricated story and the public’s fascination with it raise questions about truth, perception, and the unreliability of appearances.
  • The Burden of the Past: The novel explores how past traumas and unresolved issues can resurface and impact the present. Both Josie and Liam grapple with past experiences that shape their actions.
  • The Destructive Nature of Secrets: The story highlights the damaging effects of keeping secrets, particularly when they involve family and relationships.
  • The Limits of Forgiveness and Trust: Erika’s struggle to forgive her son and rebuild trust after his actions become a central theme.
  • The Power of Family Bonds: Despite facing challenges, the families in the story ultimately show the enduring strength of familial connections.

None of This Is True Characters

Central Characters:

Josie Fair: Initially portrayed as an ordinary woman, Josie’s intricate web of lies and manipulation unravels as her past and motives are revealed. Her actions have far-reaching consequences, driving the narrative forward.

Alix Summers: A renowned podcast host, Alix finds herself ensnared in Josie’s deceitful schemes after inviting her onto her show. As the story progresses, Alix grapples with the implications of her involvement with Josie.

Secondary Characters with Significant Roles:

Walter Fair: Josie’s older husband, whose obliviousness to his wife’s secret life adds layers to the story’s complexity.

Nathan Summers: Alix’s husband, whose struggles with alcohol addiction and mysterious disappearance contribute to the story’s intrigue.

Liam Summers: Alix and Nathan’s son, whose involvement in a mysterious situation raises questions about his character and motivations.

Erin Fair and Roxy Fair: Josie’s daughters, whose lives are potentially impacted by their mother’s actions and the ensuing events.

Olivia Mercer: Liam’s classmate and love interest, whose disappearance under mysterious circumstances drives the narrative forward.

Erika Cass: Liam’s mother, whose reactions to his actions and involvement in Olivia’s disappearance shape the story’s trajectory.

Tyler Martinson: Liam’s best friend, whose suspicions regarding Liam’s behavior surrounding Olivia’s disappearance add tension to the plot.

Mrs. Fitzwilliam: Erika’s mother, whose revelation of a life-altering secret about Erika’s father adds depth to Erika’s character.

Possible Additional Characters:

Police Investigators: Characters tasked with investigating Olivia’s disappearance and any potential involvement by Liam.

Lawyers: Legal representatives involved in defending Liam during any legal proceedings resulting from Olivia’s disappearance.

School Faculty: Teachers or administrators who interact with Liam and become embroiled in the situation.

Olivia’s Mother: A character driven by fierce loyalty to her daughter, seeking answers about Olivia’s disappearance and potentially influencing the investigation.

Character Development:

The characters in «None of This Is True» undergo significant development as their motivations, vulnerabilities, and choices are explored throughout the narrative. Despite their flaws, each character adds depth to the story, allowing readers to gain insights into their complexities and the roles they play in shaping the unfolding events.

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