Quicksilver Audiobook

Quicksilver Audiobook
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Quicksilver Audiobook 🎧 Dean Koontz

Quinn was raised in an orphanage, never knowing who his parents were, and had a pleasant but mundane childhood. That is, until the day of «abnormal magnetism,» drove him to explore the wilderness’s most remote areas. It helped him locate a valuable coin. When two government officers approached him at the diner in pursuit, he almost died. Quinn is now on the run, escaping those agents and who knows what else.

During a shoot-out at a lonely dude ranch, he meets his destined companions: Bridget Rainking, a beauty as brilliant in foresight as she is with firearms, and her grandfather Sparky, a romance novelist with an interesting past. Bridget has known what it’s like to be Quinn. She is also being pursued. The only way to stay alive is to keep moving.

As they barrel through the Sonoran Desert, the formidable trio is propelled toward the inevitable by that same unexplainable pull. With every terribly distressing mile, something evil lurks in the rearview mirror, an enemy who is more than Quinn’s match. Even as he discovers resources within himself that are equally frightening.

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Brilliance, audio [, Music, ] quicksilver by dean, koontz performed by todd haberkorn. My name is quinn, quicksilver or qq, to the mean kids when i was growing up, but i can’t blame my parents because i don’t know who they are soon after birth. I was abandoned on a lonely highway seven miles outside of pepto arizona, where 906 people pretended that the place where they lived was actually a town swaddled in a blue, blanket nestled in a white bassinet made of plastic thatching. I had been placed on the center-most of three lanes of blacktop, where i was found shortly after dawn, although you might not think that this was about as bad a start in life as one could have. I assure you it could have been worse.

For one thing this was coyote country had one of those creatures found me. It wouldn’t have suckled me, as did the wolf, that saved abandoned romulus the founder of rome, but instead would have regarded me as a grub hub delivery. I could also have been run over by an 18-wheeler and turned into pate for vultures. Fortunately, i was found by three men on their way to work. The first hakeem kaspar was a lineman for the county, as in that glenn campbell song, i’ve always found lovely.

But weird, though, at the time i was discovered on the highway, i hadn’t yet heard it. The second bayley belshazzar worked his head mechanic at one of the country’s first wind farms. The third caesar melchizedek was a blackjack pit boss in an indian casino. According to a newspaper story. At the time, hakeem tucked me snugly in the passenger side, footwell of his electric company truck and drove me to the county sheriff’s office with bayley and caesar following in their vehicles, why they felt it necessary that all three should turn me into the law.

The newspaper didn’t say this was all i knew of those men until years later and running for my life. I visited one of them with the hope of learning some small detail that might be a clue as to who or what i am with a safety pin. A small envelope was fixed to the blanket in which i was wrapped. Neither hakeem nor bailey nor caesar had dared to open it. Evidently, because they had watched too many years of csi shows and feared that they would smear the kidnappers fingerprints either.

They thought i had been snatched by some fiend who lost his nerve and left me to the mercy of fate on that hot morning, or they figured someone had nabbed my parents and were demanding a ransom for me when the sheriff tore open the envelope. He found only a card on which was printed quinn, quicksilver and my date of birth. In those days, no one in the state of arizona had the surname quicksilver. Nevertheless, everyone at once assumed that was my name. I have been saddled with it ever since, of course, quicksilver is another name for the liquid metal mercury, which was named after the roman god mercury.

He was the messenger of other gods valued for his tremendous speed. The guy could accelerate like crazy and though quinn is a variation of quentin. It also derives from the latin quintus, which means fifth or in certain contexts five times. So perhaps it wasn’t my name but a cryptic message, meaning accelerate five times, though you will not find this advice in any book about caring for a newborn any more than you will find. The instruction marinade in olive oil with basil leaves.

I then became a ward of the county. The youngest ever dropped on that child care agency. No foster family was willing to take in a three-day old whose only possession was a soiled swaddling blanket and who had, in the words of sheriff garvey moncton strange blue eyes. In an eerily direct stare for such a tiny little cocker, consequently, i was sent out of county to modern misericordier, an orphanage run by catholic nuns in phoenix. By the time i was six, it became clear that i was not adoptable among adoptees infants are the most desirable age group and they are usually placed in stable homes faster than you can say: kuchi kuchi ku.

This is because babies are generally cuter than older kids. With the possible exception of rosemary’s famous baby, but…


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