Own Your Past Change Your Future Audiobook

Own Your Past Change Your Future Audiobook
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Own Your Past Change Your Future Audiobook 🎧 John Delony Audiobook 🎧

Relationships, Mental Health, and Wellness: A Simpler Approach
Even though we live in the most technologically advanced society in history, we’ve never been more stressed, medicated, or lonely.
John Delony’s audiobook, Own Your Past, Change Your Future
We have 1,000 Facebook friends, but no one is willing to assist us in moving our couch. We are exhausted by the fast pace of life.

We’re all carrying the weight of our trauma based on the stories we’ve been told and the ones we’ve made up for ourselves, and those stories are like bricks in a backpack that prevents us from being happy and healthy. Dr. John Delony, a national best-selling author, lays out a simple five-step plan for getting healthy in his new book.

You’ll discover how to:

Re-define trauma and how to recognize it in your own life.

Allow yourself to grieve and heal from past hurts and traumas.

Making friends as an adult is difficult, but necessary.

It’s possible to change your mind.

Examine and evaluate your actions; they may change as well.

You’ll guffaw. You will sob. Your beliefs and actions will be tested. And if you follow John’s instructions, you’ll learn how to put the past behind you and get on the road to recovery.

special invitation from audible

This book is about stories the stories you were born into the stories you were told the stories that happened and the stories you tell yourself make no mistake these stories have a physical weight we carry them everywhere we go and they impact our bodies our minds our communities and our family tree they become our mental and physical health our family systems our faith and our future these stories are both the problem and the solution i wrote this book to offer clear and simple insights into our deepest hurts i also wrote this book to teach you how to live a better life how to be well and how to have incredible relationships as you read you will learn how to examine and own your old stories how to heal and write news stories and how to change the rest of your life i want you to begin living a strong whole well resilient and connected life starting now the path to being well and changing your life is simple just five steps repeated over and over and over again the five steps are own your stories acknowledge reality get connected change your thoughts and change your actions that’s it i know i know don’t roll your eyes don’t move on yet yes these steps sound simplistic they are simple but this path is hard to walk incredibly hard and most people never try and of those who try few keep going and if we’re speaking statistically you probably won’t go for it i hope you will but changing your life is not for the faint of heart you have to come clean and be honest you have to face and discover things you don’t want to you have to both own your past and be decisive about changing your future you have to do new things and think new things there will be times the path to healing hurts deeply but if you’ll start walking you will change your life you’ll find freedom peace laughter forgiveness great sex and connection deep sleep without medication physical health purpose joy and so much love you will change your family tree this journey isn’t easy but picking up this book was an act of bravery an act of strength i see your strength even if you don’t see it in yourself so from here on out i’m assuming you’re all in working through this book will change you and i’m right here with you you can own your past and change your life the cracks are your new beginning here we go this book is about stories the stories you were born into the stories you were told the stories that happened and the stories you tell yourself make no mistake these stories have a physical weight

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