Mexican Gothic Audiobook

Mexican Gothic Audiobook
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 Mexican Gothic Silvia Moreno Garcia Audiobook 🎧


THE NEW YORKER, Vanity Fair, NPR, The Washington Post, Tordotcom, Marie Claire, Vox, Mashable, Men’s Health, Library Journal, Book Riot, and LibraryReads all named it one of the best books of the year.

A secluded mansion. Aristocrat with a terrifyingly charismatic personality. And a daring socialite is drawn to uncover their nefarious secrets… The author of Gods of Jade and Shadow returns with «a terrifying twist on classic gothic horror» set in beautiful 1950s Mexico.

Noem Taboada travels to High Place, a remote mansion in the Mexican countryside, after receiving a frantic letter from her newlywed cousin pleading for someone to save her from a strange death. She’s not sure what she’ll find—her cousin’s husband, a handsome Englishman, is a stranger, and Noem is unfamiliar with the area.
Noem is also an unlikely hero: She’s a stunning debutante, and her stylish outfits and flawless red lipstick are more appropriate for cocktail parties than amateur sleuthing. But she’s also fierce and intelligent, with an unbreakable will, and she’s not afraid: Not of her cousin’s new husband, who is both scary and intriguing; not of his father, the ancient patriarch who appears to be obsessed with Noem; and not even of the home itself, which begins to haunt Noemi’s dreams with visions of blood and disaster.
The family’s youngest boy is her lone ally in this inhospitable dwelling. Shy and polite, he appears to want to help Noem but may be concealing horrible family secrets. Because there are many secrets hidden beyond the walls of High Place. The family’s once-colossal wealth and dying mining empire kept them hidden from prying eyes, but when Noem dives further, she uncovers tales of brutality and insanity.
And Noem, enthralled by the dangerous yet enticing atmosphere of High Place, may soon find it impossible to leave this strange house.

«It’s as if a supernatural force is compelling us to turn the pages of the riveting Mexican Gothic.»

—Source: The Washington Post

«Mexican Gothic is the ideal summer horror read, and Moreno-hypnotic Garcia’s and engaging prose establishes her as one of the genre’s most exciting talents.»


«A period thriller with as much suspense as it does lush ’50s atmosphere.»

—From Entertainment Weekly.

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Silvia Moreno Garcia Biography

Silvia Moreno Garcia is the bestselling author of the novels Gods of Jade and Shadow, Signal to Noise, Certain Dark Things, Mexican Gothic, and The Beautiful Ones, as well as the thriller Untamed Shore. She has edited many anthologies, including the World Fantasy Award-winning She Walks in Shadows (also known as Cthulhu’s Daughters). She currently resides in Vancouver, British Columbia.

special invitation from audible

Mexican Gothic Audiobook Excerpt Transcript

The parties at the Dunyon’s house always ended unquestionably late and since the hosts enjoyed costume parties, in particular, it was not unusual to see china’s poblanos with their folkloric skirts and ribbons in their hair arrive in the company of a harlequin or a cowboy their chauffeurs. Rather than waiting outside the Dunyun’s house in vain had systematized the knights, they would head off to eat, tacos at a street stand or even visit a maid who worked in one of the nearby homes, a courtship as delicate as a Victorian melodrama. Some of the chauffeurs would cluster together sharing cigarettes and stories a couple took naps. After all, they knew full well that no one was going to abandon that party until after 1 am. So the couple stepping out of the party at 10 pm, therefore, broke convention.

What’S worse, the man’s driver had left to fetch himself dinner and could not be found. The young man looked distressed trying to determine how to proceed. He had worn a papier-mache horse’s head a choice that now came back to haunt him as they’d have to make the journey through the city. With this cumbersome prop, Noemi had warned him. She wanted to win the costume contest, placing ahead of laura Casada and her bow, and thus he’d made an effort that now seemed misplaced, since his companion did not dress.

As she had said, she would no Amitabh had promised she’d rent a jockey outfit complete with a riding crop. It was supposed to be a clever and slightly scandalous choice. Since she’d heard laura was going to attend as eve with a snake wrapped around her neck. In the end, Noemi changed her mind. The jockey costume was ugly and scratched her skin, so instead, she wore a green gown with white applique flowers and didn’t bother to tell her date about the switch.

What now three blocks from here there’s a big avenue. We can find a taxi there. She told Hugo to say: do you have a cigarette? I don’t even know where I put my wallet. Ugo replied palming his jacket with one hand.

Besides, don’t you always carry cigarettes in your purse? I would think you’re cheap and can’t buy your own. If I didn’t know any better, it’s so much more fun when a gentleman offers a lady a cigarette, I can’t even offer you a mint tonight. Do you think I might have left my wallet back at the house? She did not reply.

Ugo was having a difficult time carrying the horse’s head under his arm. He almost dropped it when they reached the avenue Noemi raised a slender arm and hailed a taxi once they were inside. In the car, Hugo was able to put the horse’s head down on the seat. You could have told me I didn’t have to bring this thing. After all, he muttered noticing the smile on the driver’s face and assuming he was having fun at his expense.

You look adorable when you’re irritated, she replied, opening her handbag and finding her cigarettes. Ugo also looked like a younger Pedro infante, which was a great deal of his appeal. As for the rest, personality, social status, and intelligence Noemi had not paused to think too much about all of that when she wanted something, she simply wanted it, and lately, she had wanted. Oogle, though, now that his attention had been procured, she was likely to dismiss him when they arrived at her house Hugo reached out to her grasping her hand, give me a kiss good night. I’ve got to run, but you can still have a bit of my lipstick.

She replied taking her cigarette and putting it in his mouth Hugo leaned out the window and frowned while Noemi hurried into her home crossing the inner courtyard and going directly to her father’s office. Like the rest of the house, his office was decorated in a modern style, which seemed to echo the newness of the occupant’s money. Noemi’S father had never been poor, but he had turned a small chemical dye business into a fortune. He knew what he liked and he wasn’t afraid to show it boldly, with colors, and clean lines. His chairs were upholstered in vibrant red and luxuriant plants.

Added splashes of green to every room. The door to the office was open and Noemi did not bother, knocking breezily walking in her high heels, and clacking. On the hardwood floor, she brushed one of the orchids in her hair with her fingertips and sat down in the chair in front of her father’s desk. With a loud sigh tossing her little handbag on the floor, she also knew what she liked and she did not like being summoned home early. Her father had waved her in those high heels of hers, which were loud, signaling, her arrival as surely as any greeting, but had not looked at her as he was too busy examining a document.

I cannot believe you telephoned me at the Dunyons. She said tugging at her white gloves. I know you weren’t exactly happy that Hugo. This is not about Hugo. Her father replied cutting her short, no Emmy frowned.

She held one of the gloves in her right hand, it’s not. She had asked for permission to attend the party, but she had not specified she’d go with hugo duarte and she knew how her father felt about him. Father was concerned that hugo might propose marriage and she’d accept noemi did not intend to marry hugo and had told her parents so, but father did not believe her noemi, like any good socialite shopped at the palacio de lero painted her lips with elizabeth arden lipstick owned A couple of very fine furs spoke english, with remarkable ease, courtesy of the nuns at the montserrat, a private school, of course, and was expected to devote her time to the twin pursuits of leisure and husband. Hunting, therefore, to her father, any pleasant activity must also involve the acquisition of a spouse. That is, she should never have fun for the sake of having fun, but only as a way to obtain a husband which would have been fine and well if father had actually liked hugo.

But ooga was a mere junior architect and noemi was expected to aspire higher. No, although we’ll have to talk about that later, he said leaving noemi confused. She had been slow dancing when a servant had tapped her on the shoulder and asked if she’d take a call from mr taboyada in the studio disrupting her entire evening, she had assumed father had found out. She was out with oogle and meant to rip him from her arms and deliver an admonishment.

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