Gun Control Audiobook

Gun Control Audiobook
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Gun Control Audiobook 🎧 Guns in America, the Full Debate – Christopher Street

If the rest of the world knows anything about the United States, it’s that we love guns. Depending on who you are, knowing that your country provides you with the ultimate freedom to preserve life and liberty may be a source of pride. Others find it disheartening that, despite being the richest country in the world, the United States does not even have the same level of gun regulations as many third-world countries.

Whatever your feelings about guns are, deciding what to do with them is a difficult question for anyone. There are no simple solutions to the gun control debate. The data and statistics appear to contradict one another, and everyone has such strong feelings about guns that there must be a correct one.

This is where this gun control book comes in handy. You will be taken on an engaging and informative journey through the world of guns and gun control.

Understanding the true nature of gun violence and gun culture in the United States requires as much critical thinking about statistics and society as it does decide whether we should give people guns or take them away.

According to the NRA, guns prevent 2.5 million crimes each year. According to Mother Jones, you are more likely to kill yourself or your children than a criminal with a gun. Who should we believe? What’s the plan?

Whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat, a gun enthusiast or a gun-control advocate, the truth is that the United States’ gun homicide rate not only outperforms its Western counterparts but obliterates them. Does this mean we should bury our guns or make sure we have enough? Discover what gun control truly entails and how it would manifest in America.

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special invitation from audible

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