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22 Seconds audiobook
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James Patterson Full Audiobook – 22 Seconds Audiobook

The Women’s Murder Club is back with another explosive installment from James Patterson and Maxine Paetro. In this episode, Detective Lindsay Boxer and her friends solve a number of mysteries, including a large shipment of drugs and arms from Mexico. Boxer will have to throw caution to the wind in order to find out who is dirty while also protecting her family. Another fantastic piece in the series demonstrates how well the Patterson-Paetro collaboration works.

According to reports, a large shipment of drugs and guns has arrived in San Francisco from Mexico, led by members of a dangerous cartel. Detective Lindsay Boxer leads the SFPD portion of a task force in solving the mystery and determining who is the snake’s head. What she discovers is perplexing and concerning. Not only are illegal items being found on California streets, but people are being killed in an apparent attempt to silence any leaks.

There appear to be crooked cops all along the shipment’s route, turning heads or lubricating wheels to ensure these illegal items make it onto the streets. As Boxer and her husband, a veteran of various US agencies, work to uncover the truth, they realize they may be endangering themselves and their family.

As the bodies pile up, there’s a nagging feeling that this isn’t going to end peacefully. Meanwhile, others in the Club are dealing with their own issues, ranging from the discovery of a young girl’s body in a ditch to the daunting task of writing a serial killer’s memoirs. Patterson and Paetro outdo themselves with another novel in a series that appears to be doing well!

Women’s Murder Club

This series has been one of the more consistent collections bearing Patterson’s name, allowing readers to predict that something good will come of it. The premise is straightforward, and the delivery is spot-on, especially given that most novels contain multiple plots. Patterson and Paetro provide some good writing and keep the characters moving along nicely, which must be difficult at this point in the series. I’m always excited to see what Lindsay Boxer and her Women’s Murder Club have in store. That was reinforced for me by this novel.

The series is twenty-two books in. It may be difficult to locate new development or backstory that has not been discussed. Despite the fact that the pile of novels is high, the central characters appear to find ways to keep things interesting. There is always progression within Lindsay’s family and the occasional mention of certain personal details surrounding the other three, all of which allow the series fan to feel connected to everything that is going on. I read not only for the mystery, but also to see how the characters’ lives progress, and I am rarely disappointed at any point. I’m curious about what awaits me in future novels, especially how some of the breadcrumbs left in the narrative will be realized.

While the writing and plots are rarely stellar, the books are dependable when it comes to entertainment. There’s always something going on, and I’m usually able to get some great action within the pages of the story. A well-plotted narrative keeps the story moving, as do some clever twists to keep things from becoming too predictable. When it comes to character development, I can usually count on something decent, all strung together in short chapters, as is Patterson’s trademark. Despite the fact that there have been so many novels, things have yet to become stale, which is great for a series reader like myself. I’ve said it before and will say it again: there needs to be a decent crossover with some of Patterson’s other series, bringing together some great detective work with a cast that many Patterson fans will enjoy.

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special invitation from audible

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Prologue one Cindy Thomas was working at the dining table. She’D bought it at a tag sale down the block. It was cherrywood round with a hinged leaf and the letters sn etched near the hinge. She traced the initials with her finger. Imagining that the person who’d left, that mark was also a journalist suffering from writer’s block, and Cindy, was as blocked as a writer could be her full-time job was a senior crime reporter at the San Francisco, chronicle she’d been covering the violent murders of a killer unknown And then, at the end of his crime spree caught by the police, this unrepentant serial monster had asked her to write the story of his life and that’s what she was doing trying to do now.

It would be easy for her agent to sell this idea for a true-crime thriller about Evan burke. He was a savage and highly successful at getting away with his kills. According to him, he was the most prolific killer of the century and Cindy didn’t doubt him. She had no shortage of quotable and illustrated research because burke wanted Cindy’s book to secure his place in criminal history. He had provided her with notebooks as well as photos of his victims alive and dead he’d, given her his maps to his victim’s graves, which, when opened by homicide, cops, had turned up bones, clothing, and other evidence of burke’s crimes.

He’D has been convicted of six murders which in his mind, was insufficient, but the prosecution was plenty happy right now, burke was in solitary confinement at San Quentin state prison in the maximum-security wing and at the same time he was inside Cindy’s head night and day thoughts Of burke’s victims, what he’d done to those young women never left her? She wasn’t getting enough sleep and the writing she had done so far showed it. Henry Tyler, Cindy, boss and mentor, and publisher of the chronicle had said to her. This book is your big shot. Take it and had given her two days off a week with pay, so she could work on the book at home.

The home was a small three-room apartment. She shared with her fiance rich Conklin, a homicide inspector who’d been a key member of the team that had captured Evan burke rich was giving her total support. He did the laundry he read her pages for accuracy. He consoled her when the bloody murders made her cry and since Cindy had commandeered the dining table for her book in progress rich, had taken to eating his breakfast over the kitchen sink. It was incredible to have rich backing her up but in a big way.

He couldn’t help her. It felt to Cindy as though her brain had jammed on the brakes, and it wasn’t all about Evan burke outside in real-time the city she loved had been divided by a restrictive new gun law that had sparked violence among the citizens of San Francisco. Lindsay boxer, Cindy’s, closest friend and Richie’s partner had gotten burned, while upholding this law Lindsay had recently been benched for an indeterminate time. While an officer-involved shooting she’d been part of was investigated, there was no telling if the city would side with her and return. Her gun badge and police authority make her an example to help the mayor Cindy felt sick for Lindsay and in trying to help her.

She had only made things worse.

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