The Lifestyle Audiobook

The Lifestyle Audiobook
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The Lifestyle Taylor Hahn Audiobook 🎧

Georgina Wagman has it all: a wonderful marriage, a fantastic job at a famous legal company, and wonderful friends. She has the life she has always desired, and everything is wonderful. Until she stumbles in on her husband Nathan in an inappropriate situation with a junior associate. Georgina is experiencing a crisis. But divorce is not in the five-year plan, so she devises a plan to rescue her marriage and rekindle the spark. She and Nathan are going to start swinging.

Georgina, on the other hand, is not going on this expedition alone. Her pals Felix and Norah, as well as their respective partners, decide to join her on the voyage. They have their own relationship issues that swinging could help with. Georgina is overjoyed because she believes Felix and Norah belong together. A swingers’ party is the perfect location to renew the romance between two people who were meant to be together. Her strategy is sound until she bumps into a college ex at the first party. Georgina will be caught between her head and her heart when they re-connect, with her own happiness hanging in the balance. The Lifestyle is a humorous homage to Jane Austen’s Emma Woodhouse and a delightful summer read, perfect for Jennifer Weiner and Sophie Kinsella fans.

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Taylor Hahn Biography

TAYLOR HAHN is a Los Angeles-based writer and lawyer. She is a Loyola Marymount University and Fordham University School of Law graduate. Her debut novel is The Lifestyle.

special invitation from audible

The Lifestyle Audiobook Excerpt Transcript

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