The Kaiju Preservation Society Audiobook

The Kaiju Preservation Society Audiobook
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The Kaiju Preservation Society Audiobook 🎧 John Scalzi Audiobook 🎧

John Scalzi’s first standalone adventure since the conclusion of his New York Times best-selling Interdependency trilogy is The Kaiju Preservation Society.
When COVID-19 sweeps through New York City, Jamie Gray is stuck as a dead-end driver for food-delivery apps. That is, until Jamie delivers a package to an old acquaintance, Tom, who describes himself as working for «an animal rights organization,» For their upcoming field visit, Tom’s team requires a last-minute grunt. Jamie is eager to get started and jumps right in.
Tom keeps Jamie in the dark about the fact that the animals he and his team care for aren’t from this world. Not on our planet, at least. In another dimension, massive dinosaur-like creatures known as Kaiju roam a warm and human-free world. They’re the universe’s largest and most dangerous panda, and they’re in trouble.

The Kaiju Preservation Society isn’t the only organization that’s made it to the other side. Others have followed suit. And their irresponsibility could lead to the deaths of millions of people around the world.

special invitation from audible

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Jamie gray rob sanders popped his head out of his office door and waved at me grinning come on down. Let’S do this thing. I got up from my workstation and grabbed the tablet with my notes, grinning as well. I glanced over to Keisha Williams, who gave me a quick fist bump to knock him dead. She said stone dead, I said, and walked into the CEO’s office.

It was time for my performance review and I’m not gonna lie. I was going to crush it. Rob sanders welcomed me in and motioned me over to his conversation pit as he likes to call it, which was four massive primary-colored bean bags around a low table. The table was one of those ones that had a magnetic bead that dragged around blinding white sand under the glass making geometric patterns, as it did so. Currently, the bead was making a swirly pattern.

I picked up the red bean bag and sank into it only a little awkwardly. My tablet briefly flopped out of my hand, and I caught it before it and skittered off the beanbag and onto the floor. I looked up at sanders, who was still standing, and smiled. He smiled back rolled over a standard desk, and chair, and sat backward arms crossed over the back looking down at me. Oh, i see CEO power move very nice.

I thought I wasn’t worried about it. I understood how CEO egos worked and I was prepared to navigate my way through this one. I was here for my six-month performance evaluation from rob, and I was going to as previously stated knock him dead, comfortable rob asked me supremely. I said as discreetly as possible, I adjusted my center of gravity, so I was no longer listing ever so slightly starboard well. How long have you been here at food mood Jamie six months, and how do you feel about your time here?

I’m glad you asked rob. I feel really good about it and, in fact, I held up my tablet – I’d like to spend some time in this session talking about how I think we can improve, not just the food mood app, but our relationships with restaurants, delivery, people and users. It’S 2020. Now, when the food delivery app space has matured, we really need to go all out to distinguish ourselves if we want to genuinely compete with GrubHub uber eats, and all the others here in NYC and beyond. So you think we can improve yeah.

I do I attempted to lean forward in the bean bag and succeeded only in driving my ass farther into its recesses. I rolled with it and just pointed to my tablet so you’ve heard about this covet 19 things I have rob allowed. I think it’s pretty clear. We’Re heading for a lockdown here in the city. That means people will be getting food deliveries even more than usual, but it also means that restaurants are going to be pinched because they won’t be able to do table service if food mood is offered to lower our fees.

In exchange for exclusive listings and delivery service, we’d both make friends with restaurant owners and get a leg up on the other apps. You want us to lower fees, yes, decrease revenues during a possible pandemic, no see that’s the thing. If we move quickly and lockdown, pardon the pun, the popular restaurants, we’ll see, revenues go up because order traffic will go up and not just our revenue, our delivery, people deliberators. I shifted in the beanbag. What deliberators that’s what we’re calling them now clever right.

I thought up the term. I thought Neil Stephenson did, and he’s a writer. He wrote snow crash and that’s what a frozen sequel. It’S a book, actually, rob waved his hand dismissively. If it’s not Disney, we won’t get sued for it.

You were saying our uh deliberators. Could also see an uptick, we could pay a higher delivery fee to them. Not too much. I saw rob starting to frown here just enough to differentiate ourselves from the other apps in a gig economy. Just a little boost goes a long way.

We could actually build some loyalty which would improve service, which would be another differentiator. You want to compete on quality. Basically, yes, I made a pointing gesture which sent me further into the beanbag. I mean we’re already better than the other apps. We just have to drive the point home.

It’ll cost us a little more, but it will be worth it is where you’re going with this. I think so. I know wild right, but that’s the whole point we’ll be where everyone else in the food delivery. App space. Isn’T, and by the time they figure out what we’re up to we’ll own new york city.

For starters, you have bold ideas, Jamie rob said, you’re, not afraid to take risks and move the conversation I beamed and set down my tablet. Thank you rob I think, you’re right, I took a risk when I left my doc.

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