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The Hotel Nantucket Elin Hilderbrand Audiobook 🎧

Lizbet Keaton, a Nantucket sweetheart, is desperate for a second act after a bad breakup with a longtime boyfriend. When she is named the new general manager of the Hotel Nantucket, a once-gilded-age jewel that has become an abandoned eyesore, she hopes that her local expertise and charismatic staff will win the favor of their new London billionaire owner, Xavier Darling, as well as Shelly Carpenter, the wildly popular Instagram tastemaker who can help put them back on the map. And, while the Hotel Nantucket appears to be a tranquil haven, complete with a celebrity chef-run restaurant and a tranquil wellness center, there’s a lot going on behind closed doors. The hotel’s staff (and guests) have complicated pasts, and it can’t shake its bad reputation from 1922 when a tragic fire killed 19-year-old chambermaid Grace Hadley. With Grace gleefully haunting the halls, a staff riddled with secrets, and Lizbet’s own romantic uncertainty, is the Hotel Nantucket doomed?

The Hotel Nantucket offers something for everyone in this compelling summer drama, filled with the emotional depth and multiple points of view that characterize Hilderbrand’s novels (The Blue Bistro, Golden Girl), as well as a dash of Roaring Twenties history.

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Elin Hilderbrand Biography

Elin Hilderbrand is a romance novelist from the United States. She has received attention from well-known publishers such as The New York Post, which dubbed her «The queen of the summer beach read» Ms. Hilderbrand’s novels, which have appeared on the New York Times Best Sellers list for 11 consecutive years, center on the romance, friendships, and, at times, tragedies that develop on Nantucket’s sunny beaches.

Elin Hilderbrand was born in Collegeville, Pennsylvania in 1969. Her father died in a plane crash when she was sixteen, and she spent her summers on Cape Cod «playing touch football at low tide, collecting sea glass, digging pools for hermit crabs, swimming out to the wooden raft offshore,»

Elin Hilderbrand is a Johns Hopkins University and Iowa Writers Workshop graduate.

Elin Hilderbrand was a teaching and writing fellow at The Writers’ Workshop at the University of Iowa. Before becoming a full-time novelist, she worked as a classified ad writer for a local newspaper. St. Martin’s Press published her first novels. She moved to Little, Brown, and Company with her 2008 novel A Summer Affair.

Hilderbrand’s novels are all set on or near Nantucket Island. She is inspired by her surroundings because she writes about what she knows and sets her novels close to her home. She has spoken in interviews about her childhood summer vacations on Cape Cod, where she would swim in the sea, dig hermit crab homes, and collect sea glass. Her father was killed in a plane crash when she was 16, and she was forced to work in a factory the following summer. She vowed that from now on, she would try to give herself a proper summer every year. These early summer memories can be seen reflected in some of her novels.

Hilderbrand lives on Nantucket Island and continues to write prevalent romance novels that readers worldwide enjoy.

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