The Bad Seed Audiobook

The Bad Seed Audiobook
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The Bad Seed Audiobook 🎧 Children Audiobooks 🎧 Jory John

Children’s Audiobooks The Bad Seed Jory John – English Audiobooks for Free
He’s a jerk with a bad attitude and bad manners. He’s been doing bad things for as long as he can remember! This seed is constantly cutting in line, staring at everyone, and never listening. But what if one mischievous little seed changes his mind and decides he wants to be – happy?

The Bad Seed, with its charming and endearing text by Jory John, is a funny yet touching story that reminds us of the extraordinary transformative power of will, acceptance, and simply being yourself. The Bad Seed is appropriate for both young and old listeners, demonstrating that positive change is possible for everyone.

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Oh yeah, it’s true the other seeds, they look at me and they say that seed is so bad when they think i’m not listening. They mumble there goes a bad seed, but i can hear them. I have good hearing for a seed. How bad am i you really want to know? Well, i never put things back where they belong.

I’M late to everything i tell long jokes with no punch lines. I never wash my hands or my feet. Oh yeah, it’s true the other seeds. They look at me and they say that seed is so bad when they…

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