The 5 Love Languages Audiobook

The 5 Love Languages audiobook
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The 5 Love Languages Audiobook ❤️❤️❤️ Gary Chapman

Chapman’s goal throughout The Five Love Languages is to answer a single question: «Why do so few couples appear to have discovered the secret to keeping love alive after the wedding?». The book is divided into three parts. The first three chapters comprise the introduction, which lays out the fundamentals.

The following five chapters comprise the second section, each of which discusses one of the five love languages in-depth and uses examples of real couples to demonstrate the practical implications of theoretical principles.

The last five chapters comprise the text’s final section, synthesizing the material presented thus far and addressing a variety of issues that may arise in marriage. These issues could be solved (or at least softened) if the love languages were used with sincerity.

Chapman introduces the working metaphor that will be used throughout the text: the emotional tank in which we store the love we receive from our spouse. The love languages are how we fill our spouse’s emotional tank and assure them of our ongoing and lasting love.

These languages become particularly important once we have moved past the euphoric feelings of love that characterize the beginning of any romantic attachment.

The first love language is «words of affirmation,» which involves using our words to regularly affirm and encourage our spouses in the areas where they excel or where they require assistance. The second is «quality time,» in which the simple act of spending time together makes one feel most loved.

While some may believe that simply being together is insufficient, time is a valuable commodity that can never be replaced.

The third love language, «receiving gifts,» is the simplest to master. All love is fundamentally a gift-giving act. The simplest way to express this is with a physical gift that serves as a tangible symbol of love.

The fourth type is «acts of service,» in which we show our love by completing tasks that we know will help our partner and make their life easier or more enjoyable. The final language is «physical touch,» which is possibly the most universal of all.

The book concludes with a discussion of the reader’s ability to discover their love language and the reality that love is always a choice. It is necessary to identify one’s primary love language to effectively and tactfully communicate one’s needs and desires to one’s partner.

When love becomes difficult, it is critical to remember that love is a choice. We can choose to love our spouse even if they are temporarily unlovable or if we are not experiencing the euphoric «in love» feelings.

While the book may be useful for counselors, anthropologists, or sociologists, particularly in its recounting of case studies and personal anecdotes, Chapman emphasizes that he wrote it with real married people in mind.

The book is intended to be a practical guide to fostering relationships through the use of the five love languages. The book concludes with a series of frequently asked questions answered and a double questionnaire to help readers discover their love languages.

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Gary Chapman

Dr. Gary Chapman is a well-known author who has written over forty books and is an experienced and well-respected family counselor. He hosts A Love Language Minute, a nationally syndicated radio program, and Building Relationships with Dr. Gary Chapman, a Saturday morning program that airs on over 400 stations.

One of Chapman’s most popular books, The 5 Love Languages, topped various bestseller lists for years. It has been translated into over 50 languages, has sold over 14 million copies, and is currently on the New York Times best-seller list. Dr. Chapman has had firsthand experience with real-life situations.

Dr. Chapman received his B.A. and M.A. in anthropology from Wheaton College and Wake Forest University, respectively. He earned a Ph.D. from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and has studied at the University of North Carolina and Duke University.

Dr. Chapman and his wife, Karolyn, have been married for over 45 years and live in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Shelley and Derek Chapman are the Chapmans’ two grown children.

special invitation from audible

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You know Wayne every week when i do marriage seminars. I do about 30 seminars a year all over the country. There’S saturday events. Every saturday i have half a dozen people come by and say to me things like you know we were that close to divorce. Somebody gave us your book, we read it, it made sense, we tried it, it turned our marriage around.

What have you got to lose right? Absolutely you know, and so yes and the book is just filled with these kind of stories – you know of course, and and but but every week i hear that and to me it’s so encouraging, because it says to me that the book is continuing to speak to People people are still discovering this book, you know after 16 years they’re just now discovering and it’s that’s new to them and when you do discover it and apply it in your marriage, it makes a tremendous difference in your marriage. Gary tell me more what goes on inside you when you hear people come to you and say: god has used your book this way in my life, but for both you and your wife, because this has been a team project hasn’t it well, it has been, and You know my wife and i originally wanted to go to africa. That was our goal: to go to africa and teach in a seminary train national workers, how to reach their people for christ, and we were turned down because of my wife’s health and they said she would not survive in another country. Well, you know she’s done well through the years she’s learned how to cope with things and she’s done well, and we were very disappointed.

It was very disturbing to us uh, but then, as the years went along and i began to write books and so forth, you know they send us all the editions of all the foreign. You know send us copies of that. We you’re fluent in all those languages. Yeah right people think if i write in their language i can read their language, but you know, but my wife and i pray for the countries and we pray for the books when the books come in and i don’t know two or three years ago we had Opened up a box of books and i looked up at my wife and she was crying and i said carolyn. Why are you crying?

She said gary? I’M just remembering we wanted to go to the mission field, and now your books are all over the world, and it was just that moment of you know in which we just realized the sovereignty of god over our lives. He had all this in mind. You know when we were turned down for the mission field. It never crossed my mind to write a book.

In fact, it never crossed my mind to get into counseling either god had a better idea. God has a way of channeling our lives. Where he’s prepared us to minister, when i went to college, i never thought about going into counseling. In fact, when i was in graduate school in seminary working on my phd, they didn’t even have a ph.d in counseling in seminary.

They didn’t have a master’s degree in counseling and seminaries, so my counseling, i learned after i got out of school after i got my phd. I learned how to counsel, and so my phd was in adult education. How do adults learn, you know, but i got into church and i found out, people are hurting in their marriage and they want to talk about it, and so i i read everything i could and learned everything i could and all of my counseling, you know came Out of the now the foxhole very interesting um, i’m sure you talk about this in the book, but what, if uh a husband and wife aren’t on the same wavelength at all? And let’s say the wife picks up this book thinks this is great, wants to implement this, but her husband’s not cooperating. Well, you know i find that often in my counseling a wife will come alone or a husband will come alone and say my husband will not come for counseling.

He won’t even read a book, he won’t even talk about us and they come very defeated, but they come also asking. Is there anything i can do and what i’ve done? Many many many times through the years after i’ve heard their story and felt their pain. I share the concept of the five love languages and how all of us desperately need to feel loved and that, just as the wife feels unloved sitting in my office, the husband probably feels unloved too he’s at home. But he won’t come for counseling, but he doesn’t feel loved either he’s clamped up a bit yeah right, and so i share with her that concept and that the most powerful thing we can do for another person is to choose to love them in their language.

Over a long period of time unconditionally, no matter how they respond, no payback, no payback at all, just don’t expect anything, and over and over again i’ve seen those husbands or sometimes it’s the wife who melts when they start to get love in their own language. You know i remember years and years ago a wife stopped by my office and she said i’m on my way to the to the lawyer’s office. I don’t know why i came in here. I know i’ve heard about you. I knew this was where you worked and i just came in to see if you’d happen to be free, and i just want to say i don’t know, i don’t know why i came here and then she poured out her story of a husband who basically had Neglected her for 20 years, she said he works all day.

He has an automotive shop in the backyard he works on cars in the evening one night a week. He goes out with the guys and drinks he doesn’t get drunk, but he comes home and she said he expects me to have his meal ready every night. He expects me to have his clothes clean. He expects me to have sex with him at least once a week, and that’s all there is to it.


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