Sylvanas Audiobook

Sylvanas Audiobook
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Sylvanas Audiobook 🎧 Christie Golden Audiobook 🎧 World of Warcraft Audiobook

Christie Golden chronicles the epic and definitive story of Sylvanas Windrunner, one of World of Warcraft’s most enduring and iconic characters.
Ranger-General. The Banshees’ Queen Warchief. Sylvanas Windrunner has been given many names. Some see her as a hero, while others see her as a villain. But, whether seeking justice, vengeance, or something more, Sylvanas has always desired control over her own destiny.
Sylvanas has never been closer to achieving her goals than when she works alongside the Jailer to free all of Azeroth from the prison of fate. What will be her last assignment? Ensure the fealty of their prisoner, King Anduin Wrynn.

If Sylvanas is to succeed, she must reflect on the difficult path that led her to the Jailer’s side and reveal her true self to her greatest foe. The breakup of the Windrunner family and her rise to Ranger-General; her own death at the hands of Arthas and her renewed commitment to founding the Forsaken; and the moment she first saw the Maw and realized the true consequences of what lay beyond death’s veil are all told here.

Sylvanas Windrunner, however, will make a decision that will define her as her triumph approaches. It’s a choice she must make.

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I do try to think the best of people, but I lost hope in you even before the war that surprised her, but she did not show it. This is not a place for hope little lion, but it is a place for a reason. Overly gentle and trusting you may be, but I do not think you a fool. I see you’re going to attempt to convince me that I should help the jailer destroy this cycle of life and death. He laughed softly shaking his head.

No, I am certainly not the fool here. Sylvanas had reached the invisible border of Anduin’s prison, she could enter an exit as she wished and the tray of food and water passed easily through the barrier she knew he had not had water for a day and had been denied food even longer, yet Anduin simply glanced At the food, then back at her with narrowed eyes, Sylvanas pushed down her irritation and bit back a sharp retort, then, to his visible surprise, she sat on the stone floor and cocked an eyebrow at him each. I do not need to resort to poison any harm. I wish to do you would not be able to prevent no, so this was how it was to be. It was fine with her.

He was quite literally a captive audience and she had come to say much. I told you before. We wish you to join us willingly. I know you have empathy and compassion which has been a weakness for you, but also a strength. So I will tell you how it was that I came to be the jailer’s partner and why I think you should be too.

I will share with you things I have shared with no one before it cost her, nothing Anduin would serve or he would be used either way. Any words spoken within these dark halls would never be shared with another mortal soul, not when her victory was so close at hand. Anduin cocked his head and looked at her searchingly as if mocking her. He sat somehow graceful if clanking in his armor he reached for the water toasted her and drank, go on then Sylvanas Windrunner tell me these truths. You have never shared, it would seem.

I have nothing but time part one with love and courage. Vereth Windrunner chapter one [, Music ]. Let me see, let me see Theresa begged, the balcony walls, white and curving, as the throat of a swan were too tall for her to peer over and self. On his side. She cast a final longing look at the crowd.

Milling below then darted back into their chambers for a stool as verissa, happily clamored atop, it sylvanas returned her attention to the scene. Their parents did host some gatherings. Father said, it was prudent to do so from time to time, but they were usually small affairs, while lord verath Windrunner was one of king anasterian’s, most trusted advisors and his wife larissa was the ranger general of silver moon. Lesser nobles, like the ostentatious lord southerl, through much more lavish celebrations, but larissa had little patience with pretense and politics and their quietly brilliant father’s idea of a fine evening was a glass of wine, a good book and candles to read by. But today everything was different.

Some of those gathered at the base of the spire were nobility…


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