Simple Money, Rich Life Audiobook

Simple Money Rich Life Audiobook
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Bob Lotich Simple Money Rich Life Audiobook 🎧

Bob Lotich had reached his breaking point, broken down, and was stuck 1,000 miles from home with only $7 in his bank account. He was trapped in a dead-end job, living paycheck to paycheck, and drowning in debt. Bob had been following the world’s financial counsel, and this was the result. In desperation, he prayed to God for guidance and an alternative path. The solution was a simple four-part formula based on timeless biblical truths, and it worked.

Bob noticed that after using this simple technique, his financial tension dissipated and he finally felt entirely in charge of his money. As he continued to follow the four stages, he was able to pay off almost $400,000 in debt, meet a personal goal of contributing $1 million by the age of 40, and attain a degree of financial independence he had never imagined possible.

Bob (together with his fun-loving wife, Linda) shares all he learned about earning genuine financial independence in his informal and friendly style, including:

• How to set up a money system to save time and obtain better outcomes.

• The One-Category Budget: achieve 80% of the outcomes with 20% of the labor

• The four secrets to making more money in the digital age

• Learn how to automate your path to financial success in just 10 minutes.

• A six-figure giver’s secrets

• Three credit card restrictions that banks don’t want you to be aware of

• How to save $100s every month while still purchasing what you want

• And so much more!

Whether you’re doing «fine» or in a financial crisis, the accompanying 21-day kick-start will provide you with concrete action items to help you succeed. Financial security, tranquility, meaning, and eternal effect are all possible. Allow Bob to teach you how to reinvent money in its purest form: simple.

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Bob Lotich Biography

Bob Lotich, CEPF®, an award-winning blogger and podcaster, has been a trusted voice for Christians seeking financial freedom in the way God intended for the past 14 years. Through his blog, online courses, and SeedTime Money podcast, he has imparted timeless advice and practical solutions to over 50 million readers, listeners, and students. Bob and his wife, Linda, have three children and live in Franklin, Tennessee.

special invitation from audible

Simple Money Rich Life Audiobook Excerpt Transcript

When I was 22, I got an entry-level position deep inside the belly of a financial services corporate headquarters, even though I was at the bottom, I set a goal to be in a corner office of this skyscraper within 10 years. To me, a corner office was the quentus corporate success symbol. It would be proof that I had made it in corporate America proof that I was significant proof that my work mattered. I was full of ambition, but off to a slow start, the company had applied henry ford’s assembly line model to my department. Everyone had a single task to do over and over and over again for eight hours each day, and I hated every minute of it.

I initially thought i’ll just work hard, i’m good at working hard if i work hard enough i’ll get promoted to something better and i can still reach my goal in 10 years. Over the next couple of months, i discovered a couple key problems with my plan. First and most painful to admit, i wasn’t actually good at my job. I was supposed to process the 40 to 50 applications that came in each day by entering all the data from the applications into the computer. Are you bored yet?

I almost fell asleep just explaining that to you. After about three applications, my mind would start to wander. I wonder if i would get caught if i started playing snake on my cell phone for a few minutes. I wish i could listen to the new coldplay album right now, but i left the cd in the car focus bob get back to work, you’ll need 42, more applications to do, and then you can leave and so on and so on picture. If you will asking a three-year-old to sit still and not make any noise during church for eight hours, that was me.

The second flaw in my plan was that my competition for the next promotion had been doing this job for 10 or 20 years. They knew how to handle all the unique scenarios that came up, and there were many and like you would expect the veterans were a lot faster to top it all off. Most of them didn’t seem to suffer from shiny object syndrome like i did so. If you were the boss, who would you promote the relatively new kid who was slow and constantly distracted or the veteran, who knows all the answers and is focused and efficient, pretty easy decision after another year of hard work and struggling? I finally landed a small promotion.

That’S when i realized my chances of landing in a corner office were slim. If i stayed in this department, if i wanted to advance my career, i would have to find a way into a department with more growth opportunities. Thankfully i was nearly finished with my bachelor’s degree in business. I thought this will get their attention as soon as i have this framed and embossed piece of paper that cost me fifty thousand dollars hr will be pushing high paying job offers. In my face left and right now that i was a college graduate, it was time for me to make some real money.

I was feeling good and i was strutting around, like john travolta from staying alive, blessing, a variety of hiring managers with the privilege of being given my resume and just for fun. Do yourself a favor and google john travolta strut to see what i mean to my horror? No one seemed to care about my college degree. Every department i applied to was more interested in hands-on experience after applying internally for numerous positions with no success. I finally landed a position in a new department.

I watched ivy league grads in their three-piece suits, walk the halls in a setting that looked exciting fun and incredibly lucrative. This was it. This was the big time the starting pay wasn’t much better than my previous job. It was basically a lateral move which was pretty disheartening, but i tried to stay positive. After all, it looked like there was a lot more room for growth in this department, so i decided to stick with it.

I soon discovered that i wasn’t really in the department that i thought i was being hired for. We were on the same floor, but the social standing of and opportunities for each group were very different after a year or two. I became painfully aware that the people on my side of the cubicle wall rarely advanced out of this department. Almost all my coworkers were lifers, who had been there for many years or decades. I found myself pigeonholed into a position with very little room for advancement.

Much like the previous one, pretty much a dead-end career path with few transferable skills and to make matters worse. I found that i wasn’t good at this job either i felt trapped, but it was all about to change. One day the perfect job opening came up outside the cubicle walls i immediately applied. It would be a huge pay raise about a 40 increase. It would likely lead to other promotions.

Surely this was a breakthrough that i’d been praying for all these years. I went through two successful interviews. I knew the hiring manager and worked closely with him in the past plus i had more college education than anyone else applying and more experience to boot. In my mind, i was the only applicant who made sense for the position every metric pointed to me. I was so confident that lynn and i were already planning on how we would spend the pay raise.

I still remember the exact time of day the paper stacked on my desk and even how many clouds were in the sky. When i received the mass email from my boss congratulating a co-worker of mine for getting the position, it was the slow-motion gut punch that dropped me to my knees. I felt like i was stuck on a desert island and the only plane i had seen in years had just flown by. I was devastated.

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