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Meet Me In Another Life Catriona Silvey Audiobook

Thora and Santi have already met.

Thora and Santi, two strangers in a strange city, happen to meet by chance. They instantly recognize a similar spirit in each other, someone who longs for more in life than the cards they’ve been dealt. But, before their friendship can blossom, their story is cut short by a horrific disaster.

They’ll run into each other again.

This, however, is only one of their many ties. Thora and Santi will reappear as husband and wife, teacher and student, caregiver and patient, skeptic and believer, like satellites orbiting each other. In multiple lifetimes, they become friends, partners, lovers, and enemies.

Only they can make certain that this is not the last time.

Thora and Santi make an unexpected discovery as strange patterns and hazy memories accumulate. Before their various lives come to an end, they must collaborate to discover the underlying cause of their recurring reality.

special invitation from audible

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Next, you will hear a sample of the audiobook meet me in another life by catriona sylvie you can download the full version for free at the link in the description of this video special invitation from amazon audible. Someone else might thrill at encountering a kindred spirit. Thora only resents him, this space was hers and he has taken it from her. She hovers on the grass orbiting two possible worlds, she’s alone, and it’s dark. She should keep her distance he’s drunk, maybe passed out.

She should check on him. She sucks in a breath and takes a bet on the second world hello. She says: um is alice. Okay, the boy scrambles to his feet. Thora takes him in wide eyes and curly black hair good.

Looking in a way that puts her on edge in case, he knows it short, even accounting for the fact that most people are short from thora’s 5 foot 11 perspective english. He says hopefully, oh yeah, please she laughs, as you may have noticed. My german is basically english in a german accent. He looks over his shoulder at where he was lying, as if he owes her an explanation. I was just he cuts himself off santiago lopez.

Santi the accent matches the name. It takes thora a moment to register that he’s actually put his hand out for her to shake. She takes it. I thought you were passed out. I was coming to check on you, you’re kidding me.

The beers in that club were five euros. I couldn’t afford to pass out. He looks like he’s laughing at her. Do you have a name of course, introductions? That’S how they work.

She continues absurdly shaking his hand, you sound like you’re from england, but your name doesn’t one blessing of the loud party. It kept. This conversation from happening explain your existence, thora sighs, hoping to keep it short, my dad’s check and my mom’s from iceland, but i grew up in the uk. She shrugs academics. You know how it is, he runs a hand self-consciously through his hair.

Well, my father is a bus driver and my mother works in a shop. So no i don’t. Oh i’m sorry, i mean i’m not sorry there every word pushes her onto a worse path. What right does he have to do this to her? She laughs under her breath, [ __ ].

You know what i’m just going to start. Introducing myself as jane smith from now on, santi throws his hands up in mock apology. Sorry for trying to start a conversation. I didn’t ask for a conversation. She hugs herself.

Looking up at the stars, i just wanted to come outside and be alone. Of course, i’m sorry i trespassed in your private city. He bows mockingly and walks away. Thora cringes, wait. Santi turns i’m sorry.

She says this whole night. I’Ve spent it failing to get through to anyone. I thought it was the noise or everyone else, but i guess it’s just me and now he’s staring at her caught between amusement and irritation. Now what thora clicks her fingers, i know: do you mind lying back down? Just there where you were like, i was never here.

She expects him to walk away, but he shrugs and laughs and lies back down and she has learned something about him. Okay, wait. There laura walks back the way she came in the dark by the railings. She counts to three considers leaving thinks god. What am i doing and sweeps back onto the grass holding out her hand to a bewildered santi.

He takes it, letting her pull him to his feet. Hi she says brightly. I’M sorry take advantage of this special invitation from amazon, audible now and download this free audiobook with the link you have in the description thanks for watching this video, i would love for you to subscribe to my channel, and you would make me happy if you like This video…

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