Local Woman Missing Audiobook

Local Woman Missing Audiobook
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Local Woman Missing Audiobook 🎧 Mary Kubica

In this brilliant and disturbing thriller, Mary Kubica, the creator of suspense, takes home secrets to a whole new level, demonstrating that some people will go to any length to keep the truth hidden.

People do not simply disappear into thin air…

Shelby Tebow is the first person to go missing. Meredith Dickey and her six-year-old daughter, Delilah, go missing not long after, just a few blocks from where Shelby was last seen, terrifying the once-peaceful neighborhood. Are these events related? After an elusive search that yielded more questions than answers, the case eventually goes cold.

Delilah makes a triumphant return after an 11-year absence. Everyone is interested in what happened to her, but no one knows what they will discover…

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special invitation from audible

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But it wasn’t worth the effort, this guy says his name is sam she’s, not sure she believes it. She’S been seeing him off and on for months whenever he or she gets the urge. She met him when she was pregnant of all things to some guys at the turn on he made her feel sexy, despite the extra weight which is far more than she could say for her husband like her sam is married and he isn’t the only guy she’s Been seeing on the side the few times they’ve been together, sam takes his ring off and leaves it on the dashboard, as if that somehow mitigates what he’s doing she doesn’t do the same. She isn’t one for feeling guilty. She’S made herself believe that it’s her husband’s fault she does what she does.

Turnabout is fair play. The sky is full of stars. She stares at them a while finding venus the night is cold and her arms are covered with goosebumps she’s thinking about his car. How warm it will be once she gets inside it she’s looking up at the stars when she hears something coming at her from behind she spins around eyes, searching the street, but coming up empty in the darkness. She chalks it up to some wild animal rummaging through trash, but she doesn’t know she turns back, goes back to walking picking up her pace, she’s, not one to get scared, but she starts thinking of what ifs.

What if her husband is on to her? What if he is following her, what if he knows she tells herself he doesn’t know he couldn’t know she’s a very good liar she’s learned how to silence her tells. But what? If the wife knows, she isn’t sure what sam tells his wife when he leaves they? Don’T talk about things like that, they don’t talk much at all, except for a few preliminary words to kick things off.

Don’T you look pretty i’ve been waiting for this all day, they’re, not in love, no one is leaving their spouse anytime soon. It’S nothing like that. For her, it’s a form of escapism release revenge. Another noise comes, she turns and looks again truly scared this time, but finds nothing she’s jittery. She can’t shake the feeling of eyes on her.

She starts to jog, but soon trips, over an untied, shoe, she’s, uncoordinated and nervous wanting to be in the car with him and not alone on the street. The street is dark far too dark for her liking. She senses movement out of the corner of her eye. Is something there is someone there? She asks who’s there.

The night is quiet. No one speaks. She tries to distract herself with thoughts of him of his warm gentle hands on her. She bends over to tie the shoe. Another noise comes from behind this time.

When she looks car lights surface on the horizon, going way too fast, there’s no time to hide part. One delilah! Now i hear footsteps they move across the ceiling above my head. My eyes follow the sound, but there ain’t nothing to see cause. It’S just footsteps that don’t matter none, though, because the sound of them alone is enough to make my heart race, my legs shake to make something inside my neck, thump like a heartbeat, it’s the lady coming, i know cause hers, are the bare feet?

Well, the man always wears shoes there’s something more light about her footsteps than his. They don’t pound. On the floor, like the mans, do his footsteps are loud and low, like a rumble of thunder at night. The man is upstairs now too, because i hear the lady talking to him. I hear her ugly huffy voice say that it’s time to give us some food, she says it like she’s teed off about something we’ve done, though, we’ve done nothing not so far, as i can tell at the top of the stairs the latch unlocks the door jerks.

Suddenly open revealing a scrap of light that hurts my eyes. I squint seer

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