Bright Line Eating Audiobook

Bright Line Eating Audiobook
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Bright Line Eating Audiobook 🎧 Susan Peirce Thompson

Bright Line Eating has assisted thousands of people from over 75 countries in losing and maintaining their excess weight. Are you willing to join them?
In this book, Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D., presents a revolutionary weight-loss approach based on her widely popular Bright Line Eating Boot Camps. Bright Line Eating, based on cutting-edge neurology, psychology, and biology, explains why dieters fail:

This is due to the fact that your brain prevents you from losing weight.

Bright Line Eating (BLE) is a simple way to reverse this trend. Susan Peirce Thompson shows us how to heal our brain and get it ready to shed pounds, release cravings, and stop sabotaging our weight loss goals by working with four «Bright Lines» – clear, unambiguous limits.

Best of all, it’s a program that recognizes that willpower alone is insufficient but still prepares us for success.

Susan’s story, as well as the stories of other Bright Lifers, will demonstrate why traditional diet and exercise regimens have failed in the past. You’ll also discover the role addictive susceptibility plays in your weight-loss journey, as well as where cravings come from and how to rewire your brain to eliminate them. Susan guides you through the Bright Line Eating phases, from weight loss to maintenance and beyond, and provides a flexible meal plan that works for everyone, whether vegan, gluten-free, paleo, or none of the above.

Line of Light Eating breaks the obesity cycle and offers a revolutionary method for long-term weight loss. It’s a game-changer in an industry in desperate need of one.

«It’s a Bright Line» Eating ends cravings, diets, and that never-ending, tedious, soul-sucking loop in your mind about food, calories, and pounds… Being thin, happy, and free is your birthright.» Thompson, Susan Peirce.

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I would put into each new attempt. I was always so sure that i would finally make it work. I would weigh myself measure myself write down my goals stay up late reading about the food plan. I was about to start and then commence with fanfare and tons of enthusiasm, and it would work i’d start to lose weight. Then there would be some kind of twilight zone time warp and a few months later i would be even fatter than before and rallying the effort for yet another attempt.

What always happened between point a and point b, and why was i not really online and aware of the unraveling of that attempt? Let’S go back to the fact about the 99 of people who fail to lose all their excess weight. First, it’s strange that people are failing so badly and second, it’s strange that we’re not noticing that it’s strange. It’S bizarre that this phenomenon is happening right under our noses and nobody is noticing. Why doesn’t anybody seem to wonder why smart capable educated, successful motivated people who really want to get slender just can’t do it?

I really want us as a society, to understand that we do not have an obesity problem. We have an obesity mystery. The problem itself doesn’t make any sense, there’s no other field of endeavor that i’m aware of where intelligence, determination, talent and capability have so little bearing on the outcome. When i was trying to lose weight, it totally baffled me that i couldn’t do it because i was capable in so many other areas. I had earned a phd in brain and cognitive sciences.

I had good friends, i was happily married. I ran a marathon. I was fat when i ran that marathon, but i ran it. Nonetheless, i couldn’t even jog to the mailbox when i first started, but i put my mind to it and with some friends in graduate school we trained hard and we did it. We ran a 26.

mile marathon without taking a single walking step and i lost 10 pounds. I had 60 pounds to lose, but i merely lost 10 of them is not the answer. So what is well that’s what i’m going to explain in this book. I’M going to present you with information on how the brain blocks weight loss and exactly what you can do about it, because there is a solution. Thousands of people in my bright line, eating boot camps, have used this method to lose weight collectively over three hundred pounds.

So far, and the number who have lost all their excess weight and are keeping it off continues to rise. I’M talking about people who have lived their entire adult lives excessively overweight, who are now thin, something they never imagined was ever going to be possible for them. Brightline eating gave them hope again it delivered on the promise it solved the mystery. I wrote this book because i want everyone to have that solution. The information contained in these pages is vital to changing our cultural understanding of what being overweight is not a willpower deficit and not a moral shortcoming, rather the byproduct of a brain hijacked by modern food and more crucially, i want to show you what a solution that Works actually looks like it’s not about six small meals a day free days or even lots of exercise.

I will teach you about bright lines. Automaticity and support bright lines are clear, unambiguous boundaries that you just don’t cross like a non-smoker. Just doesn’t smoke, they work because they align with how the brain works. No one should have to suffer in a body that doesn’t bring them joy. No one should spend a single additional minute feeling like a failure, because conventional diets that don’t work with our brain chemistry fail them if you’ve almost given up attempting to lose weight because you’re exhausted from trying so hard and not succeeding.

If your health has become an issue and you’ve got to make a change or if you just have a few pounds to lose, and you really would like to shed them and keep them off, then i have good news. You can learn why your brain has been blocking you from losing weight and adopt a simple system that will permanently turn that around you no longer have to feel lost in a flood of confusing and contradictory information on how to eat or languish on the couch over Eating late into the evening, knowing you’re choosing suicide on the installment plan or feel like


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