Apples Never Fall Audiobook

apples never fall audiobook
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Liane Moriarty Apples Never Fall Audiobook

Would you notify the authorities if your mother went missing? Even if your father was the most obvious suspect? This is the predicament in which the four grown Delaney siblings find themselves.
The Delaneys are well-known members of their community. Stan and Joy, the parents, are the envy of all their friends. They’re deadly on the court, and their chemistry is palpable off it. But, after 50 years of marriage, they’ve finally sold their renowned tennis academy and are ready to embark on what should be their golden years. So, what’s the deal with Stan and Joy?

Amy, Logan, Troy, and Brooke Delaney were all tennis stars in their own right, but as their father will tell you, none of them had what it took to go all the way. But that’s okay now that they’re all successful adults with the wonderful prospect of grandchildren on the horizon.

Savannah, a stranger, knocks on Stan and Joy’s door one night, bleeding from a fight with her boyfriend. The Delaneys are delighted to provide her with the small kindness she so desperately requires. If only that were all she desired.

When Joy goes missing and Savannah is nowhere to be found, the police question the only person left: Stan. But, for someone who claims to be innocent, he appears to have a lot to hide, as do many spouses. Two of the Delaney children believe their father is innocent, while the other two are skeptical – but as the two sides square off in what could be their biggest match ever, all of the Delaneys will begin to reexamine their shared family history in a whole new light.

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special invitation from audible

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Later he was dead, killed instantly in a head-on collision. A semi-trailer driver from interstate didn’t see a stop sign concealed by an overgrown liquid. Amber local residents had been complaining for months about that sign. It was an accident waiting to happen. They said, and now it had happened, the apples rotted fast in the heat chapter, one two men and two women sat in the far corner of a cafe underneath the framed photo of sunflowers at dawn in tuscany.

They were basketball player tall and, as they leaned forward over the mosaic topped round table their foreheads almost touched. They spoke in low, intense voices as if their conversation involved international espionage, which was incongruous in this small, suburban cafe on a pleasant summery saturday morning with freshly baked banana and pear bread, scenting. The air and soft rock drifting languidly from the stereo to the accompaniment of the espresso, machine’s, industrious, hiss and grind – i think, they’re brothers and sisters, said the waitress to her boss. The waitress was an only child and intrigued by siblings. They look really similar they’re taking too long to order said her boss, who was one of eight and found siblings, not at all intriguing.

After last week’s violent hail storm, there had been blessed rain for nearly a week now the fires were under control. The smoke had cleared along with people’s faces and customers were finally out and about again cash in hand, so they needed to be turning over tables fast. They said they haven’t, had a chance to look at the menus. Ask them again. The waitress approached the table once more, noting how they each sat in the same distinctive way, with their ankles hooked around the front legs of their chairs, as if to prevent them from sliding away.

Excuse me, they didn’t hear her. They were all talking at once. Their voices overlapping, they were definitely related. They even sounded similar low, deep husky-edged voices, people with sore throats and secrets she’s, not technically missing. She sent us that text.

I just can’t believe she’s, not answering her phone. She always answers dad mentioned her. New bike is gone. What that’s bizarre so she just cycled off down the street and into the sunset, but she didn’t take her helmet, which i find very weird. I think it’s time we reported her missing it’s over a week.

Now, that’s too long, like i said, she’s, not technically. She is the very definition of missing because we don’t know where she is. The waitress raised her voice to a point that was perilously close to rude. Are you ready to order yet they didn’t hear her? Has anyone been over to the house yet dad told me: please don’t come over, he said he’s very busy very busy.

What’S he so busy doing the waitress shuffled alongside them in between the chairs and the wall, so that one of them might see her? You know what could happen if we reported her missing the better. Looking of the two men spoke, he wore a long-sleeved linen shirt rolled up to the elbows shorts and shoes without socks he was in his early thirties, the waitress guest with a goatee and the low-level charismatic charm of a reality star or a real estate agent. They’D suspect dad suspect dad of what asked the other man a shabbier chunkier cheaper version of the first instead of a goatee, he just needed a shave that he, you know the expensive virgin brother drew his finger across his neck. The waitress went very still.

This was the best conversation she’d ever heard since she’d started waitressing jesus troy the cheaper version, brother exhaled, that’s not funny the other man shrugged the police will ask if they argued dad said they did argue, but surely maybe dad did have something to do with. It said the youngest of the four, a woman wearing a short orange dress, dotted with white daisies over a swimsuit tied at the neck. Her hair was dyed.

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