A Place Called Freedom Audiobook

A Place Called Freedom Audiobook
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A Place Called Freedom opens in the hellish coal mines of the Jamisson family in the Scottish highlands, where Mack McAsh, 21, spends most of his waking hours. Mack is a lifelong employee with an insatiable urge to escape.

Lizzie Hallim, the beautiful, rebellious young aristocratic woman yearning for independence in a male-dominated society, proves to be an unusual ally.

Mack’s desire for liberty often brings him into a confrontation with the ruthless authorities of 18th-century Britain. Accused of rioting, a capital offense, Mack is one of the hundreds of convicts shipped to the American colonies to work as slaves for seven years.

A Place Called Freedom is a magnificent epic of love, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, with its vivid, fascinating depiction of the colorful streets of London and the endless landscapes of the New World, as well as an unforgettable cast of heroes and villains, lovers and rebels, hypocrites, hell-raisers, and whores.

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Ken Follet Biography

Follett, the son of Martin and Veenie Follett, was born in Cardiff, Wales, and lived there for ten years before moving to London.
His devoutly Christian parents forbade him from seeing movies or television, so he developed an early interest in reading but remained an uninterested student until he reached his teens. With hard work, he gained entrance to University College London in 1967, where he studied philosophy and became interested in socialist politics. In 1968, he married his first wife, Mary.

Follett went to work as a trainee reporter for the South Wales Echo in Cardiff after graduating and taking a three-month post-graduate course in journalism. He returned to London as a general-assignment correspondent for the Evening Standard after three years in Cardiff. He finally left journalism for publishing, and by the late 1970s, he was the deputy managing director of Everest Books. He also began writing novels as a hobby in the evenings and on weekends. Success came slowly at first, but the release of his third novel, Eye of the Needle, in 1978 made him both wealthy and famous worldwide. Each of Follett’s subsequent novels became best-sellers, and some have been adapted for the cinema.

Follett became interested in the activities of the British Labour Party in the late 1970s. During his political efforts, he met former Labour official Barbara Broer, who became his second wife in 1982. She was first elected to the House of Commons in 1997, representing Stevenage, and was re-elected in 2001. Follett remains a vocal Labour supporter and fundraiser.

With the exception of two competent but unremarkable early novels, The Modigliani Scandal and Paper Money, Follett’s literary career has been divided into four main eras.

The first and most notable phase of The Key To Rebecca, for example, is based on the workings of a specific form of secret code, an Eye of the Needle. All six books, including On Wings Of Eagles, a nonfiction account of an attempt to rescue two Americans from Iran during the 1979 Revolution, adhere to the basic thriller patterns. All six, however, exploit such traditions in unexpected ways, such as making the ‘hero’ in Eye of the Needle a German agent.

The second phase of Follett’s career marked a deliberate divergence from the first: a quartet of historical books published in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

The first of the four, The Pillars of the Earth, set the tone for the three that followed. It had a vast cast, many plotlines, intermittent outbursts of violence, and considerable use of historical backdrop, in contrast to Follett’s previous thrillers. Pillars, set largely in medieval England, came after the construction of a cathedral.

On the eve of World War II, Night Over Water was a Grand Hotel-style story set aboard a transatlantic aircraft going from Lisbon to New York.

A Dangerous Fortune was set in Victorian-era London and centred around familial and financial intrigue in a huge family of financiers.

A Place Called Freedom was set in Britain’s North American colonies during the American Revolution.

In the late 1990s, Follett shifted literary gears a third time, with a pair of books set firmly in the present and employing high technology as a story device.

The Hammer Of Eden centered on the possibility of using earthquakes as a terrorist weapon, and

The Third Twin examines the darkest side of biotechnology. The two novels, which appeared to be an attempt to mine the same imaginative vein as Michael Crichton, were largely unsuccessful. Many readers and reviewers thought the characters were shallow, and the effort necessary to suspend disbelief was too significant.

In, Follett returned to traditional low-tech thrillers.

Code To Zero is an espionage thriller that pits Soviet and American spies against each other on the eve of America’s first satellite launch. The World War II adventures Jackdaws and Hornet Flight returned Follett to his roots, writing about courageous operatives operating behind enemy lines, tasked with a mission that could influence the course of the war. Some writers and fans praised them as Follett’s welcome and long-overdue return to the type of story he writes best. Others saw them as rehashed versions of ideas and situations he had dealt with more creatively in his previous work.

Barring a major turn in his literary output, Follett’s reputation is likely to rely on his early thrillers (particularly Eye of the Needle and The Key to Rebecca) and The Pillars of the Earth, which he is claimed to view as his best work.

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A Place Called Freedom Audiobook Excerpt Transcript

He confessed Robert colors, damn you he said: jay was suddenly defiant. Well, father. How will you punish me and cut me off without a penny? You’ve already done that.

I warn you, sir George growled. You should be worried about my cash. Not me jay said quickly. He told everyone he was leaving today harry ratchet coughed. You might just let my money go so George, he said we’d be well rid of him.

I can’t do that. Father replied. If he gets away with it, every young miner will think he can leave too Robert put in it’s not just us either. If young miners were allowed to leave at the age of 21, the entire industry could collapse exactly father agreed, and then what would the British nation do for coal keeping the conversation focused on the cash jay asked, but what can be done so George smiled? We make him go round, he said.

Mack went home, exhausted, and fell asleep immediately when he woke up. He remembered he was leaving the glen. The first thing he did was make a bath. Then climbed in and began to scrub every inch of skin. He felt good.

This was the last time he would ever wash coal dust off his skin. Slavery was behind him. While he was in the bath. Annie came into the room, don’t go mac, she said quietly, don’t leave me here. I must go away.

He replied I’ll merchant, but I have to go. You think you’re better than the rest of us. Don’t you she said max said we’re all too good for slavery. She knelt beside the tub and put her hand on his knee. Don’t you love me mac to his shame?

He began to feel aroused you’re dear to me, Annie, but she slept her hand under the water and smiled he said. Where’s Esther she’d be away for a while, Annie, stood up and pulled off her dress. She wore nothing else. Her body was lean and hard and her skin was grey with coal dust like max she climbed into the tub with him kneeling astride his legs sail stay. She pleaded.

I want to feel you inside me. He knew that if he gave in his fate was sealed no, he whispered. She was poised over him saying yes, she said he gave up the struggle. Yes, he said please quickly. There was a terrific crash on the door, which flew open and he screamed.

Four armed men burst in Robert Jameson henry’s ratchet and two of Jameson’s keepers and he left out of the bath dazed max stood up, shakily, cozy cousins. One of the keepers said with a lear Robert laughed harshly. I suppose incest is nothing to coal miners max, suppressed his anger and struggled to remain controlled. He looked at Robert, I’m, a free man and I’ve broken no laws. He said what are you doing in my house?

The other keeper was staring at Annie’s body. What a pretty sight he said, thickly and reached out and grasped Annie’s wet breast max sprang from the tub grabbed the man by the wrist, and thrust his hand into the fire. The man screamed, but he could not escape mack yelled, running any from Annie, snatched up her dress, and flew out of the back door. The butt of a musket cracked into the back of mack’s head mack, released the man smashed. The other keeper’s face then slammed his bare foot into harry ratchet’s groin ratchet sank to the floor, but four opponents were too many, another musket blow stunned him and he was wrestled to the ground.

The point of Robert Jameson’s sword was at his throat after a moment. Robert said to tie him up that night. After long hours, mack had spent shivering naked in the Jameson stone larder, he was pulled out and fitted with an iron collar like the one jimmy lee wore. It was the ultimate humiliation, a sign for all the world, see saying he was another man’s property. They threw some clothes at him which he dawned hastily.

Then mack was tied up and taken out to the pit. Mack realized they were going to make him go the round. He roared you’ve, no right to do this, no right, the keepers laughed at him. They stood him in the muddy circular track where the horse walked to turn the bucket chain he held his head high. Although he felt like bursting into tears, they tied him to the harness facing the horse.

Then the oscillator whipped the horse into a trot mack and began to run backward. He stumbled almost immediately and slipped under the horse’s feet. The horse halted they made max stand up. Then they lashed the horse. Again, you will find the link in the description of this video.

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