The Island Audiobook

The Island Audiobook
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Ben Coes The Island Audiobook 🎧 

The United States is poised to witness the bloodiest terrorist strike on its soil since 9/11. For years, Iran has been planning a retaliatory attack with three objectives in mind. Bring the United States to its knees. J. P. Dellenbaugh, the popular US President, should be assassinated. Dewey Andreas, their most accomplished operative, must also be neutralized.

The first preemptive attack on Dewey Andreas fails, but the CIA director is concerned enough to order Dewey out of town and off the grid. But, while intelligence experts work feverishly to decipher the chatter on terrorist networks, Iran’s military and intelligence chief, Muhammed el-Shakib, stages a daring strike. When the president comes to New York to address the United Nations, embedded terrorist assets blow up the bridges and tunnels that connect Manhattan to the rest of the country. Taking control of the island with covert forces, they race to the UN in search of Dellenbaugh and prepare to unleash an even more lethal attack on the country itself.

While a stunned nation struggles to mount a counter-attack, a desperate, outmanned, and outgunned Dewey Andreas slips onto Manhattan to fight a seemingly impossible battle.

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Ben Coes Bio

Ben Coes is a novelist and writer from the United States. He is the best-selling author of worldwide political thrillers and spy novels in the New York Times.
Ben Coes was born in Hartford, Connecticut on September 10, 1966. His family then relocated to West Simsbury, Connecticut, where he was raised.

Ben Coes began his education at the Groton Institution, a residential school in Massachusetts. He then attended Columbia College in New York City, where he was given the university’s writing prize, the Bennett Cerf Memorial Award.

Coes began his career as a White House intern under President Ronald Reagan and later as a speechwriter for former United States Secretary of Energy James D. Watkins under President George H.W. Bush. He also wrote speeches for T. Boone Pickens and managed Mitt Romney’s campaign for governor of Massachusetts in 2002.

Ben and his family founded Thrillers for America’s Best, a non-profit that provides novels to US Veterans in Virginia homes and hospitals across the country, in 2013. It received its first shipment of books in August 2013.

Coes is currently associated with private equity The Mustang Group, which has invested in a number of firms and where he leveraged buyouts and manages middle-sized enterprises.

Coes acquired worldwide notoriety and became one of the best-selling authors after beginning his writing career in 2010, which was relatively recent. Power Down, Coup d’Etat, The Last Refuge, Eye for an Eye, Independence Day, First Strike, Trap the Devil, and Bloody Sunday are among his most popular books. He also founded Thrillers for America’s Best, a non-profit organization that provides books to veterans’ homes and hospitals across the country.

special invitation from audible

The Island Audiobook Excerpt Transcript

Builder, assassination factory, and terror machine on the front edge of war. Iran believed it was in yes or no. That was the question before Shakib his mind. Replayed, the operating briefing Shakib had barely slept and was on the black leather sofa in his office. At that, what the supreme leader wanted was what should happen and Suleiman wanted the attack, whatever the consequences, Shakib realized, that Suleiman was senile and before that insane and yet to say or do anything to oppose him, would-be suicide even voicing his misgivings might result in Shakib being relieved of his duties or imprisoned, or hauled in front of a firing squad and shot.

Of course, he would approve Monsoor’s design, but something bothered him on a level that was beyond official duty. Shakib was angry for Mansour, who had lied to him, and only him, and now Shakib was cornered. Mansour’S lie had occurred that afternoon, following prayers. General Shakib, along with Iran’s top military intelligence, security, and religious leadership, had met inside the office of Iran’s supreme leader Ali Suleiman. The briefing lasted less than 30 minutes.

It was about a proposed Hezbollah. Action against the united states of America on American soil. The briefing had been led by Zakaria Mansour the commander-general of Hezbollah. Mansour had been handpicked by Shakib himself after time and cuds in vivec Mansour had designed the entire operation. He chose an Arabic word.

He called it Al Jazeera. The island Al Jazeera was about turning Manhattan into an island. Literally, Mansour was tall and thin. He was muscular, but there was something else about him that made him more powerful than men, much bigger and stronger. He had a dashing, look and way about him.

His black hair parted in the middle and long feathered back his face was chiseled and handsome sharp features. Aqualine nose and yet an overall sense of the potential for violence, a scar beneath his right eye, clearly visible, and eyes that had a savage calculating quality. He wore a blue button-down beneath a smart-looking Canali suit. He was the only one standing amid large long leather sofas beneath 20-foot ceilings in the ornate woodwork of the supreme leader’s office. A large screen displayed Mansour’s presentation for all to see.

Mansoor began by nodding respectfully to Suleiman and saluting Shakib. He held a small black remote. The first slide showed all of New York City from above a crystal clear photo taken by drone over the city and its five boroughs. Suddenly, a red digital line illuminated the border of the island of manhattan. Your excellency.

What I present today is an operation designed to inflict great damage on the great satan said, Mansoor. I look forward to hearing about it. Zakaria said Suleiman, the pieces are all in place. Imam said Mansoor thoughtfully. He counted out with his fingers, manpower, weapons, and most important opportunity.

Will you be? There said Suleiman yes, said Mansoor I leave tomorrow, several heads turned and glances were exchanged. I’m glad to hear that said. Suleiman, please go on. He said waving his long spindly fingers through the air time requires, if it is all right, I summarize said Mansoor he held a remote with a red laser pointer, pointed at manhattan, and detailed his plan.

It took Mansour less than five minutes to outline the operation. A low chorus of mumbling in exchanged glances most indicating disbelief cut through the room, but Mansour continued his voice throughout and remained calm, patient, and, above all, respectful after he was finished. There was a long hush. All eyes went to Suleiman who stared at Mansour slowly Suleiman’s head began to move up and down nodding his approval nodding to Mansour to continue one of Shakib’s deputies. His chief of staff, brigadier general Ghani, spoke up, surely trying to kill the president.

Even just an attempt on his life will provoke a response that could prove catastrophic, said Ghani. I disagree said, Mansour.

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