“The queen of beach reads” (New York) delivers an immensely satisfying pause-resister in this tale about a summer of scandal at a storied Nantucket hotel.

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The Hotel Nantucket Audiobook – Elin Hilderbrand
Lizbet Keaton, a Nantucket sweetheart, is desperate for a second act after a painful breakup with a longstanding boyfriend. When she is named the new general manager of the Hotel Nantucket, a once-gilded-age jewel that has become an abandoned eyesore, she hopes that her local expertise and charismatic staff will win the favor of their new London billionaire owner, Xavier Darling, as well as Shelly Carpenter, the wildly popular Instagram tastemaker who can help put them back on the map. And, while the Hotel Nantucket appears to be a tranquil haven, complete with a famous chef-run restaurant and a tranquil wellness center, there’s a lot going on behind closed doors. The hotel’s workers (and guests) have difficult pasts, and the establishment can’t seem to shake its terrible image from 1922, when a tragic fire killed 19-year-old chambermaid Grace Hadley. With Grace happily prowling the hallways, a staff riddled with secrets, and Lizbet’s own love uncertainties, is the Hotel Nantucket doomed?

The Hotel Nantucket offers something for everyone in this gripping summer drama, filled with the emotional depth and numerous points of view that characterize Hilderbrand’s novels (The Blue Bistro, Golden Girl), as well as a sprinkling of Roaring Twenties history.

⭐ Full audiobook here: https://summarybooks.shop/the-hotel-nantucket-audiobook/

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