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The Cheat Sheet Audiobook
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The Cheat Sheet Audiobook 🎧 Sarah Adams Audiobook

Hello, my name is Bree Camden, and I’m hopelessly in love with Nathan Donelson, my best friend, and star quarterback (so is half of America, judging by the tabloids and how much the guy dates).
Isn’t the first step admitting it? But I can’t tell him because he clearly doesn’t see me that way, and I don’t want things between us to get weird. It’s all about good old-fashioned platonic friendship for us, without having to touch the hottest man alive! Everything is exactly how I envisioned it! Yes. Good. (No, I’m not crying; I’m peeling an onion.)

Our friendship was going swimmingly until I accidentally spilled the beans to a reporter after consuming too much tequila, and now everyone believes Nathan and I belong cheval Oh, and did I mention that we have to date in public for three weeks until after the Super Bowl because we signed a contract with…oh, wait, I forgot!

In the end, my best friend has blurred all the lines and is acting very un-platonic, and all I can do is try to keep my body from bursting into flames whenever he touches me. How am I going to make it three weeks of pretending to date Nathan without our relationship changing? Especially when it almost seems like he’s fighting for something completely different?
Please send support.
XO, Bree
The Cheat Sheet is a seductive romantic comedy set behind closed doors that will have you laughing and rooting for these lovable best friends from the beginning!

special invitation from audible

Look at baby blues, yes, he’s in the shower before our run. Kelsey looks at me like it grieves her deeply to have to expound. I accidentally bumped into him. When I came into the kitchen a few minutes ago. He had his protein shake in his hand and she makes an annoyed gesture, letting it finish the story for her.

I dumped Nathan’s shake down the front of him. I think it’s killing her to admit she did something human. So I take pity on her and turn away to set the donut box down on the ridiculously large center island. Nathan’S kitchen is fantastic. It’S designed in monochrome tones of cream, black, and brass and has an expansive window wall overlooking the ocean.

It’S my favorite place in the world to cook and exactly the opposite of my dumpy little garbage bin five blocks down the road, but that dumpy little garbage bin is affordable and close to my ballet studio. So all in all, I can’t complain, I’m sure it wasn’t. A big deal Nathan never gets upset about things like that. I say to Kelsey waving my white flag, one last time she takes out her samurai sword and slices it to shreds. I already know that alrighty then I take my first sip of coffee and let it warm me under Kelsey’s frigid stare, nothing to do but wait for Nathan to the surface so we can get going with our Tuesday tradition.

It dates all the way back to our junior year of high school. I was a sort of self-designated loner in those days, not because I didn’t love people or socializing, but because I lived and breathed ballet. My mom used to encourage me to skip dance occasionally to go to a party and be with my friends these days of getting to just be a kid and have fun won’t last forever. Ballet! Isn’T everything it’s important to build a life outside of it too?

She said to me on more than one occasion and of course, like most dutiful teenagers, I didn’t listen between dancing and my after-school job working in a restaurant. I didn’t really have friends, but then he happened. I wanted to increase my endurance, so I started running our school’s track before school and the only day I could make this happen schedule-wise was on Tuesdays. I showed up one morning and was shocked to see another student already running, not just any student, but the captain of the football team. Mr. Boddy Chatterson Nathan didn’t have an awkward phase.

He looked like a 25-year-old at 16.

So unfair jocks were supposed to be rude, chauvinistic, and full of themselves, not Nathan. He saw me in my scuffed-up sneakers curly hair piled on my head in the grossest bun. Anyone has ever seen and he stopped running. He came over and introduced himself with his huge trademark smile and asked.

If I wanted to run with him, we talked the entire time instant, best friends with so much in common. Despite our different upbringings yeah, you guessed it. He comes from a wealthy family. His dad is the CEO of a tech company and has never shown much interest in Nathan unless he’s showing him off on the golf course in front of his work. Friends and his mom pretty much just hung around and badgered him to make it to the top and bring her into the limelight with him.

They always had money, but what they didn’t have until Nathan made it big was social standing in case you can’t tell I’m not a huge fan of his parents so anyway this began our Tuesday tradition and the exact moment I fell for Nathan. I can pinpoint it down to the second: we were on our final lap of that very first run together when his hand caught mine. He tugged me to a stop, then bent down in front of me and tied my shoe. He could have just told me. It was untied, but no Nathan’s not like that.

It doesn’t matter who you are or how famous he is. If your shoe is untied he’s going to tie it for you, I’ve never met anyone else like that. I was so gone for him from day one. We were both so determined to achieve success, despite how young we were. He always knew he’d end up in the NFL, and I knew I was headed to Juilliard and then to dance in a company after one of those dreams became a reality and one did not.

Unfortunately, we lost touch during college. Fine, I made us lose touch, but I serendipitously moved to la after graduating. When a friend told me about another friend who was looking to hire an assistant instructor at her dance studio.


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