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Penelope Ward – The Aristocrat Audiobook

The one who escaped. Isn’t it true that every girl has one?
One summer, a charming British aristocrat turned my world upside down. I’d been captivated by Leo since the first time I saw him through my binoculars. I certainly did not expect to see a man in his birthday suit showering outside the property across the bay.

Then I noticed his housemate staring back at me with his own binoculars, watching me watch Leo. When I eventually ran into them, it made for an interesting conversation starter. The handsome Brits, it turned out, were only staying in my seaside town for the summer.

Despite the fact that we were technically opposites, Leo and I clicked right away. I showed him how to dig for clams, and he showed me that not all wealthy and powerful men are arrogant.

Despite knowing he was completely inappropriate for me, I couldn’t seem to stay away from him.

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Penelope Ward

Penelope Ward is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal #1 bestselling contemporary romance author.

She grew up in Boston with five older brothers and worked as a television news anchor for the majority of her twenties. Penelope lives in Rhode Island with her husband, son, and beautiful autistic daughter.

She is a 21-time New York Times bestseller and the author of over thirty novels, with over 2 million books sold.

Stepbrother Dearest, Penelope’s fourth book, became the #1 bestselling independently published Kindle ebook of the year on in 2014, and was credited with igniting an entirely new subgenre of romance. Her breakout hit RoomHate debuted at number two on The New York Times Bestseller list in 2016. Penelope is a three-time Goodreads Choice Romance of the Year nominee and an Audie Award winner. Her books have appeared in publications such as Entertainment Weekly and Publisher’s Weekly (Starred Review).

Penelope’s novels have been translated into over a dozen languages and are available in bookstores worldwide.

special invitation from audible

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His brow lifted, what do you mean by together we’re rooming together, but if you mean romantically together, then no exactly. What did you assume? I thought you might be gay if i were gay i’d, have far better taste in men than that wanker cousin of mine. What in god’s name made you think we were gay? I don’t know two handsome men living together in a big house, so if i’m a guy living with another man, i’m automatically shagging him you’re right.

That was a hasty assumption. Thank you for the compliment. By the way, i just called him handsome didn’t i feeling suddenly hot. I looked toward the produce section. Well, i’d better be going before you do.

I want to apologize for the flowers he sent your way the other night. I urged him not to not. Everyone appreciates that sense of humor. I shrugged it was fine and they were pretty. I was embarrassed at first, but then i ended up laughing about the whole thing.

Mrs angelini certainly got a kick out of it. His brow lifted, mrs angelini. How do i explain who she is without unloading, my history, on this stranger? I kept it simple, she’s, my roommate, ah roommate, so she must be your lesbian lover. Then he raised an eyebrow and i had to smile anyway.

Why do you call her, mrs angelini? She doesn’t have a first name: well, she’s 70,

It’S more of a respect thing, it’s what i started calling her some years back and it stuck she’s always asked me to call her by her first name, but i got used to calling her mrs angelini. I see his eyes seared into mine for a moment. Your roommate is seventy and how old are you? Might i ask twenty-four what about you twenty-eight he answered his eyes lingered on mine for a bit.

Listen we’re going to be renting the house across from you for the entire summer. We know virtually nothing about narragansett. I’D love to pick your brain about places to go and things to do here. Maybe you wouldn’t mind coming over for tea sometime this week. T you really are british.

Aren’T you guilty as charged his white teeth gleamed looking down at my feet? I said i don’t know i promise not to take off my clothes, he added a crooked smile. I let out a much needed laugh well, since you put it that way tomorrow at two then or whatever time works for you. A part of me wanted to refuse, but why it wasn’t like i had anything more exciting going on. I didn’t quite understand whether he genuinely wanted my expertise on narragansett or if there was something more to the invitation.

Now that i knew he wasn’t gay sure two tomorrow works brilliant. You know how to get to the house without having to swim across. I take it. Yes, i smiled very well then, and i promise sigmund will be on his best behavior. I can handle it.

If he’s not, this seemingly rich traveller had no idea just how much i could handle. I might turn red when i was embarrassed, but i’d grown a pretty thick skin over the years. That’S the way it is when you always had to fend for yourself. I couldn’t deny that her rejection made me want her more. A chase was always arousing yet felicity done levy didn’t care to be chased by me.

Rather than making up an excuse, she’d very directly, told me she wasn’t interested anyway. He laughed now. Your children won’t end up looking like they belong to ed sheeran. He chuckled. We can find you a replacement for her tonight.

If you want to come out with me frustrated. I ran my hand through my hair, not interested in that right now, mate she’s, not even a 10. What are you worried about? Are you serious, she’s, plain, okay, well, she’s fit in her own way. I suppose she’s, naturally beautiful not like the made-up women back home.

Are we more than happy to take some of those girls off your hands when we get back since you don’t seem to appreciate them, he sighed seriously cousin. I think you should forget about the f word and come out with me and shiva tonight, shiva the persian girl i met on the app oh yeah. Maybe she has a friend no way was i in the mood for that i’m feeling kind of knackered. I think i’ll stay in probably better for me anyway.

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