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Praise Audiobook
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Praise Audiobook 🎧 Sara Cate Audiobook 🎧

He describes me as «perfect.» His perfect pet. His lovely lady. I needed someone to tell me I was good enough because I was broken and wounded by my emotionally abusive ex.
After that, I got a new job with a boss who brought me to my knees. He expects me to take on responsibilities that a true secretary would never take on.
Emerson Grant assures me that I am sufficient. His admiration is well-deserved.

There are numerous reasons why I should not attend. My new boss is not only twice my age but also the owner of the Salacious Players’ Club.

And then there’s my ex-father… boyfriend’s

When I’m with him, I’m valued. I’m rumored to be adored. I am his personal property.

I’m a nice girl, but I’m head over heels in love with the wrong guy.

Emerson Grant is certain of what he desires, and it is me.

So, how far am I willing to go in order to receive his blessing?

special invitation from audible

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