Lead to Win Audiobook

Lead to Win Audiobook
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Work has changed dramatically, generating a new set of problems and questions for current and future leaders. What does it take to be an effective leader today? What exactly is leadership?

Carla A. Harris discusses the route from individual contributor to leader in this much-needed book. She focuses on the important skills required for success, such as the value of taking chances, developing a vision, and using assets such as relationships and collaborations. The eight attributes you must hone and materialize to become a successful, effective leader no matter where you work are at the center of this book: authenticity, building trust, creating other leaders, clarity, diversity, innovation, inclusivity, and voice. She also discusses the important characteristics of a transformational leader, concentrating on leadership gaps she has observed that could limit or damage any leader’s effectiveness.

Lead to Win will become a touchstone for anybody trying to influence and lead others to accomplish positive change. It is timely, inspiring, and filled with Harris’s hallmark practical counsel.

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