Just an Ordinary Family Audiobook

Just an Ordinary Family Audiobook
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Just an Ordinary Family Audiobook 🎧 Fiona Lowe

Best-selling Fiona Lowe, an Australian author, has a deft touch when it comes to creating utterly addictive storytelling that will have you questioning your own perceptions of what family is.
Every family has its own set of secrets…
Alice Hunter’s bad luck is still stinging her: she’s suddenly single, jobless, and forced to return to her parents’ small seaside village. She is now confronted with an unpleasant reality. She wishes to emulate Libby’s luxurious lifestyle.

Jess Dekic, Libby’s best friend, has known the Hunters for so long that she believes she is related to them. She’s always considered herself to be a sister, closer to Libby than Alice could ever be.

Libby Hunter checks all the boxes in life: she’s a well-known small-town doctor with a lovely husband and two young daughters. However, when she is betrayed by those she loves the most, she realizes how fragile her world is.

Karen Hunter’s children bring her both anguish and pride. She’s always tried to keep her daughters out of life’s pitfalls, but how can you protect your children as adults?

When the family implodes, the impact on these four women will be unavoidable.

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special invitation from audible

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Karen said faintly most days, she had no idea if she was coming or going twins have always been my secret wish. Hillary stroked her own baby’s head i’ll, never tell dan, but i was so disappointed when i found out. I was only cooking him you’re, so lucky karen winced luck was such an arbitrary event. One person’s luck was too often another person’s misfortune, but she couldn’t think about that. Couldn’T dwell on the heartache and regrets her focus must be on her daughters and creating opportunities for them both to thrive.

I thought i was only having one baby right up until two minutes after i delivered her hillary’s eyes widened crikey. Have you got over the shock? Yet karen thought about the rollercoaster ride of the last nine weeks, including the unexpected move. Not really can i peek. Apparently it was a rhetorical question because before karen could say a word, hillary was pushing back.

The pram covers and peering in, oh karen. She breathed they’re gorgeous what are their names, libby’s, the eldest and she’s under the lemon blanket as if libby knew she was being discussed, her blue eyes popped open, her lips widened into a beatific smile, and then she gurgled you a bright spark. Hillary cood. You look like you know what you want karen thought anxiously about libby’s intensity. She was either in a fury or laughing in delight.

She knows what she likes and dislikes it’s a bit scary, the way they arrive with their own distinct personalities. I wasn’t expecting that. I thought i’d have more of an influence in moulding dan’s character, but after six months of motherhood, i’m already wondering if parents have any say in their children’s personality, karen’s gut churned. Of course, we have a say, we must have a say. Hillary blinked momentarily startled by the emphatic response, let’s hope, you’re right and i’m wrong, because right now dan thinks all he has to do in life is bad.

His baby blues and everyone will drop everything and come running. She turned her attention to the second twin and who’s. This cutie alice she’s our precious surprise, unlike libby alice, didn’t stir, although her eyes roved under her almost translucent lids hillary glanced at karen unasked questions clear in her eyes, she’s a lot smaller than her sister. Yes, karen left it at that as a familiar guilt pulled tightly around her, it was her fault. Alice had failed to thrive.

The pediatrician’s words were never far away with such a low birth weight as a high risk of developmental delay. Do you mean brain damage? Her husband peter, had asked the question karen had been too scared to voice. I’M constantly surprised by the remarkable resilience of the human body. The doctor said.

The fact alice is alive is a miracle in itself. The best thing you can do is take her home and love her karen slipped, her finger against alice’s palm welcoming the tight and reassuring grip of her tiny hand. Once again, she silently made the promise she’d made each day for weeks i’ll make things better alice i’ll. Keep you safe and protect you always one january alice hunter sneezed into her shoulder three times then shivered a sure sign. She was sick.

These were the moments when she missed being a kid when she was growing up. Her mother had strict rules about illness and one of karen’s favorite sayings had been. If you can stand and argue with me about going to school, you’re well enough to go many times. Alice had reluctantly stuffed her bag with books and stomped out the door, but whenever alice had spiked a temperature, karen had always tucked her up in bed and fed her chicken soup table. Seven jake, the chef and owner of the restaurant slid hot plates onto the pass and frowned at her.

You look like crap, don’t give whatever it is to the customers. Gee thanks and here i was thinking you might make me karen said faintly most days. She had no idea if she was coming or going twins have always been my secret wish. Hillary stroked her own baby’s head i’ll, never tell dan

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