In Five Years Audiobook

In Five Years Audiobook
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In Five Years Audiobook 🎧 Rebecca Serle

«In Five Years is as clever as it is moving, a rare one-sitting read you won’t forget.» (The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin, New York Times best-selling author)

Fans of Me Before You and One Day will enjoy this striking, powerful, and moving love story about an ambitious lawyer who has an extraordinary vision that could change her life forever.

What do you want to be in five years?
Dannie Kohan’s entire existence revolves around numbers. She is the polar opposite of her long-time best friend, Bella, who is wild, fanciful, and believes in fate. Her careful preparation appears to have paid off, as she aced her most important job interview and accepted her boyfriend’s marriage proposal in one fell swoop, falling asleep completely satisfied.

When she awakens, she is in a different apartment, wearing a different ring, and standing next to a different man. Dannie spends exactly one hour five years in the future before waking up on the verge of midnight in her own home – an hour she will never forget.

In Five Years is a memorable love story, but not the one you might expect.

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special invitation from audible

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Banker at tishman spire a real estate conglomerate, i’m a corporate lawyer and today i have an interview at the top law firm in the city, wachtel, the mecca, the pinnacle, the mythological headquarters that sits in a black and gray fortress on west 52nd street, the top lawyers In the country all work there, the client list is unfathomable: they represent everyone, boeing, ing, a t all of the biggest corporate mergers. The deals that determine the vicissitudes of our global markets happen within their walls. I’Ve wanted to work at wachtel, since i was 10 years old and my father used to take me into the city for lunch at serendipity and a matinee we’d pass all the big buildings in times square and then i’d insist. We walked to 51 west 52nd street. So i could gaze up at the cbs building, where wachtel has historically had its offices since 1965.

You’Re going to kill it today, babe david says he stretches his arms overhead, revealing a slice of stomach david is tall and lanky. All of his t-shirts are too small when he stretches which i welcome. You ready, of course, when this interview first came up. I thought it was a joke. A headhunter calling me from walktell yeah right bella my best friend and the proverbial surprise-obsessed flighty blonde must have paid someone off, but no it was for real wachtel, lipton, rosen and cats wanted to interview me today.

December 15th. I marked the date in my planner in sharpie. Nothing was going to erase this. Don’T forget we’re going to dinner to celebrate tonight. David says i won’t know if i got the job today.

I tell him: that’s not how interviews work really explain it to me. Then. He’S flirting with me, david is a great flirt. You wouldn’t think it he’s so buttoned up most of the time, but he has a great witty mind. It’S one of the things i love most about him.

It was one of the things that first attracted me to him. I raised my eyebrows at him and he downshifts, of course, you’ll get the job. It’S in your plan. I appreciate your confidence. I don’t push him because i know what tonight is david is terrible with secrets and an even worse liar tonight.

On this. The second month of my 28th year, david andrew rosen, is going to propose to me two raisin bran scoops, half a banana. He asks he’s holding out a bowl to me. Big days are bagel days. I say white fish.

You know that before we find out about a big case, i always stop at sarge’s on third avenue. Their whitefish, salad, rivals, katz’s downtown and the weight even with a line, is never more than four and a half minutes. I revel in their efficiency, make sure you bring gum david says sliding in next to me. I bat my eyes and take a sip of coffee. It goes down sweet and warm you’re here late.

I tell him i’ve just realized. He should have been gone hours ago. He works market hours, it occurs to me he might not be going to the office at all today. Maybe he still has to pick up the ring. I thought i’d see you off.

He flips his watch over. It’S an apple. I got it for him on our two-year anniversary four months ago, but i should jet. I was going to work out. David, never works out.

He has a monthly membership to equinox. I think he’s used, maybe twice in two and a half years, he’s naturally lean and runs sometimes on the weekends. The wasted expense is a point of contention between us, so i don’t bring it up this morning. I don’t want anything to get in the way of today, and certainly not this early sure. I say i’m gon na get ready, but you have time david pulls me toward him and threads a hand into the collar of my robe.

I let it linger for one two, three four. I thought you were late and i can’t lose focus. He nods kisses me. He gets it in that case. We’Re doubling up tonight.

He says, don’t tease me, i pinch his biceps. My cell phone is ringing where it sits plugged in on my nightstand in the bedroom, and i followed the noise. The screen fills with a photo of a blue-eyed blond-haired shiksa goddess sticking her tongue sideways at the camera bella. I’M surprised my best friend is only awake before noon. If she’s been up all night good morning, i tell her: where are you not new york banker at tishman spire, a real estate conglomerate,


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