Hell of a Book Audiobook

Hell of a Book Audiobook
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Hell of a Book Audiobook 🎧 Jason Mott

An incredible work of fiction from New York Times best-selling author Jason Mott, always deeply honest and at times electrically funny, that delves into racism, police violence, and the hidden costs exacted on Black Americans and America as a whole.

In Jason Mott’s Hell of a Book, a Black author embarks on a cross-country publicity tour to promote his best-selling work. That plot drives Hell of a Book and serves as the foundation for something far bigger and more pressing: Soot, a young Black boy living in a rural community in the recent past, and The Kid, a potentially fictional child who visits the author on his tour, are also characters in Mott’s novel.

These characters’ stories astound as they develop and converge. While this horrifying and magical book entertains and is about family, parent-child love, art, and money, it is also about the nation’s reckoning with a tragic police shooting that has been in the news repeatedly. And what it means to be Black in America.

Who was it that was murdered? What is the name of The Kid? Is the author’s book tour over, and what kind of world will he leave behind? Hell of a Book is the novel Mott has been working on for the past ten years, with unforgettable characters and an enthralling plot ideal for book club discussion. In the final twists, it fully realizes its title.

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Me he needed to stop this trick. He was playing on them, but how? What could he do? He was less than two feet from where his parents sat but guilt over his mother’s tears pushed down on the hands that would reach out and touch her and let her know he was there. It waded down the tongue that would sing her name and free her from fear.

There was no way his five-year-old mind figured that he could let them know that it had all been a joke. He could never explain to them that this was all meant to be fun, not just fun a celebration. After all, he had done it for three years now, his mother and father had been trying to teach him to become invisible to become the unseen. That was the name the boy’s father gave to him. He said the words with a fantastic tone.

He spoke with his hands in the air sweeping back and forth gently like he was playing some magical instrument. You will become the unseen. The boy’s father said he added an almost spooky, oh to the end of it. Sometimes you’ll be unseen and safe for as long as you live, his father said, can you even imagine it? It was the words unseen and safe that made his father smile.

It was the boy’s favorite smile like he was watching his father gain everything he had wanted out of his life unseen and safe sanctified words. What should we do? His mother asked her husband? Should we just call it quit? Replied the boy’s father.

He put a spindly hand on his forehead and looked very dramatic, all of a sudden. The way people in movies sometimes did, and yet the boy thought he saw the beginnings of a smile hiding in the shadows of his father’s face. I mean the boy’s father continued. If he’s gone, maybe we should make like a banana and split. We could pack it all up and head out west somewhere.

I hear they got tons of kids out there who need a fine set of parents like us. The boy’s mother smiled as though her husband had told a joke. Humor was one of his gifts. His jokes painted the walls of his family’s home in brushstrokes of laughter, but in spite of the fact that he knew his father was trying to be funny. The boy heard his words and imagined his parents leaving him and once again the sea of fear swelled up inside of him.

No, no no said his mother and just like that, the fear ebbed you’re right, his father said we can never leave him he’s just too great, no other kid in this world like him. So what should we do? I have an idea. The boy’s mother declared excitement filled her voice and spilled over into the boy. His mother always had the best ideas, we’ll cook everything he likes to eat, all of it.

One big meal like they used to do back in the old days and the smell of it, will go out all over the world and find him that’ll bring him home. The boy almost cheered, a great dinner of all his favorite things. All of it spread out on the kitchen table, one dish after the other, the idea that the smell of the foods he loved could go out into the world and bring him home. It was like something from one of the books. He read at bedtime all myth and dream and splendor the boy’s father leaned back for a moment and looked at the mother through squinted eyes, his favorite foods.

He said stroking his dark, narrow chin. You reckon that’ll work. I know it will his mother said: he’ll smell them, the chicken, the macaroni and cheese, maybe even a sweet, potato pie or two. He could never turn down sweet potato pie, pie. You say the boy’s father licked his lips.

You could be on to something with this scheme of yours. It’S got legs, i think, just like you, he kissed his wife’s neck and she laughed the light. Lilting laugh that she sometimes did late at night when the two of them were alone in their bedroom. With a door locked stop that she googled, i don’t know the father said his mouth, a rye grin. I still think we might could go out west and find a new kid.

I hear they make some out there that actually like to eat their vegetables. The mother laughed and the boy almost laughed too. No, she chuckled we’ll cook and he’ll come back to us just you watch. She stood then and brushed off her old dress, as she always did and she went into the kitchen for a moment. The father stayed in the living room and stroked his chin again.

Well kid he mused, wherever you are in this world. I hope that you know that i would never move out west and try to find another son you’re. The only angle biter i could ever want. Then he stood and went into the kitchen and began helping his wife


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