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Golden Girl Audiobook Elin Hilderbrand

Vivi watches «The Chief» Ed Kapenash investigate her death from the Beyond, but her greatest concern is her final book, which contains a secret from her own youth that could ruin her reputation.
In this satisfying pause-resister from «the queen of beach reads» (New York Magazine), a Nantucket novelist has one last summer to protect her secrets while her earthly loved ones learn to live without their golden girl.

Vivian Howe, author of 13 beach novels and mother of three nearly-grown children, is killed in a hit-and-run car accident while jogging near her home on Nantucket on a beautiful June day. She ascends to the Beyond and is assigned to a Person named Martha, who allows Vivi to observe what happens below for one final summer. Vivi is also given three «nudges» to change the course of events on Earth, and with her daughter, Willa, having her third miscarriage, Carson partying until the wee hours of the morning, and Leo currently «off again» with his high-maintenance girlfriend, she’ll have to use them wisely.

Vivi watches «The Chief» Ed Kapenash investigate her death from the Beyond, but her greatest concern is her final book, which contains a secret from her own youth that could ruin her reputation. When hidden truths are revealed, Vivi’s family will have to sort out their past and present mistakes – with or without a nudge from above – while Vivi finally allows them to grow without her.

Golden Girl is a beach book unlike any other, with all of Elin’s trademark beach scenes, mouth-watering meals, and picture-perfect homes, as well as a heartfelt message – the people we lose never truly leave us.

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Elin Hilderbrand

Elin Hilderbrand is a romance novelist from the United States. She has received attention from well-known publishers such as The New York Post, which dubbed her «The queen of the summer beach read» Ms. Hilderbrand’s novels, which have appeared on the New York Times Best Sellers list for 11 consecutive years, center on the romance, friendships, and, at times, tragedies that develop on Nantucket’s sunny beaches.


Elin Hilderbrand was born in Collegeville, Pennsylvania in 1969. Her father died in a plane crash when she was sixteen, and she spent her summers on Cape Cod «playing touch football at low tide, collecting sea glass, digging pools for hermit crabs, swimming out to the wooden raft offshore,»


Elin Hilderbrand is a Johns Hopkins University and Iowa Writers Workshop graduate.


Elin Hilderbrand was a teaching and writing fellow at The Writers’ Workshop at the University of Iowa. Before becoming a full-time novelist, she worked as a classified ad writer for a local newspaper. St. Martin’s Press published her first novels. She moved to Little, Brown, and Company with her 2008 novel A Summer Affair.

Hilderbrand’s novels are all set on or near Nantucket Island. She is inspired by her surroundings because she writes about what she knows and sets her novels close to her home. She has spoken in interviews about her childhood summer vacations on Cape Cod, where she would swim in the sea, dig hermit crab homes, and collect sea glass. Her father was killed in a plane crash when she was 16, and she was forced to work in a factory the following summer. She vowed that from now on, she would try to give herself a true summer every year. These early summer memories can be seen reflected in some of her novels.

Hilderbrand lives on Nantucket Island and continues to write extremely popular romance novels that readers all over the world enjoy.


Elin Hilderbrand is the author of 23 romance novels and two novellas. In 2008, she was nominated for the Romantic Novel of the Year Award for her novel Barefoot.

special invitation from audible

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People are pouring their first cups of coffee while reading the front page of the Nantucket standard, the 35 women who will be getting married today open their eyes and experience varying degrees of anticipation and anxiety as contractors pull into the marine home center because they have punch lists that need To be completed yesterday, the summer people are arriving, they want their homes up and running charter fishing boats motor out of the harbor. The first batch of sugar donuts is pulled from the oven at the downy flake and oh, the scent Martha, sighs Nantucket isn’t heaven, but it is heaven on earth. However, she isn’t here to sightsee she’s here to collect a soul. The pinned location on Martha’s map is Kingsley road, almost at the intersection of the market, but not quite Martha, arrives with a full 30 seconds to spare, giving her a chance to inhale the heady fragrance of the lilacs that are in full bloom below there’s a dark-haired woman With fantastic legs jogging down the road singing along to her music, but the rest of Kingsley is quite sleepy 15 seconds 10 seconds 5 seconds, Martha double checks, her coordinates. It says she’s in the right place the time that Martha takes her gaze off the road tragedy strikes.

It happens quickly, in the literal blink of an eye, Martha winces. What a pity all right Martha thinks the time to get to work. Vivi, it’s a beautiful June day. The kind that Vivi writes about, in fact, all 13 of Vivian howe’s novels beach, reads set on Nantucket start in June. Vivi has never considered changing this habit because June on Nantucket is when things begin.

The summer is a newborn. It’S still innocent pristine, a blank page at a few minutes past seven Vivi is ready for her run. She takes the same route she’s taken ever since she moved into the money pit ten years ago after her divorce down her dirt road Kingsley to the magical road bike path. The path goes all the way to the beach, though Vivi hasn’t made it that far in years, her hips also she doesn’t have time. Vivi is agitated despite the sunshine, the bluebird sky, and the luscious bloom of the peonies in her cutting garden.

The night before Vivi’s daughter, Willa, called to say that she was pregnant again. This marks the villa’s fourth pregnancy since last June, which was when she and rip got married. Oh, really Vivi said yay, hooray, good, good news. How far along are you six weeks? Willa said still very, very early Vivi thinks Willa, basically just missed her period.

You took a test, yes, mother, more than one-two Willa said the first was inconclusive. The second had two lines: what Vivi did not say was don’t get your hopes up. Willa had miscarried three times the first pregnancy had progressed to 15 weeks. Willa started bleeding, while she was giving a tour of the Hadwin house to a group of VIPs from the governor’s office, she ran out on the tour and drove herself to the hospital. It was a horrible day, the most physically painful and difficult of the three miscarriages, though after the third Willa became convinced there was a problem.

A thorough examination at the Brigham and women’s fertility clinic in Boston, however, showed nothing wrong. Willa was a healthy 24-year-old. She had no problem getting pregnant if rip even looked at her. She conceived privately Vivi suspected the miscarriages had something to do with Willa’s type, a personality which Vivi and her ex-husband jp used to call her type, a plus personality because regular a’s were never good enough for Willa. If this doesn’t work out, why don’t you and rip?

Take a break you’re, so young you have years and years decades, even to conceive. What’S the rush, predictably Willa had become defensive. What makes you think this won’t work out? Do you think I’m a failure? You succeed at everything you do Vivi said.

I just think your body might benefit from a rest. I’m pregnant mama Willa said

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