Coraline Audiobook

Coraline Audiobook
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Coraline Audiobook 🎧 Children Audiobooks 🎧 Neil Gaiman

There are twenty-one windows and fourteen doors in Coraline’s family’s new flat. 13 of the doors open and close.
Coraline’s family’s new apartment has twenty-one windows and fourteen doors. Thirteen of the doors open and close. The fourteenth door is locked, and on the other side is nothing but a brick wall, until Coraline unlocks it and discovers a passage to another flat in a house similar to her own.
However, this time is different…

At first glance, everything appears to be perfect in the other flat. The food is excellent. Because of the toy box, wind-up angels flutter around the bedroom. However, another mother and father wish for Coraline to remain with them and become their child. They want to change her and keep her for the rest of her life.

Other children, lost souls hidden behind the mirrors, are also trapped there. Coraline is their only chance of surviving. She’ll need all of her wits to save the missing children, her normal life, and herself.

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Well, on the first day, caroline’s family moved in miss [, __ ] and miss forcible made a point of telling caroline how dangerous the well was and warned her to be sure she kept away from it so coraline set off to explore for it, so that she Knew where it was to keep away from it properly, she found it on the third day in an overgrown meadow beside the tennis court behind a clump of trees, a low brick circle, almost hidden in the high grass. The well had been covered up by wooden boards to stop anyone falling in. There was a small knot, hole in one of the boards and caroline spent an afternoon, dropping pebbles and acorns through the hole and waiting and counting until she heard the plop as they hit. The water far below coraline, also explored for animals. She found a hedgehog and a snakeskin, but no snake and a rock that looked just like a frog and a toad that looked just like a rock.

There was also a haughty black cat who would sit on walls and tree stumps and watch her, but would slip away if ever she went over to try to play with it. That was how she spent her first two weeks in the house, exploring the garden and the grounds her mother made her come back inside for dinner and for lunch and caroline had to make sure she dressed up warm before she went out, for it was a very Cold summer that year, but go out, she did exploring every day until the day it rained when caroline had to stay inside. What should i do asked coraline read a book said her mother watch, a video play with your toys, go on pester, miss [, __, ] or miss forcible, or the crazy old man. Upstairs no said caroline. I don’t want to do those things i want to explore.

I don’t really mind what you do said: caroline’s mother, as long as you don’t make a mess, coraline went over to the window and watched the rain come down. It wasn’t the kind of rain you could go out in. It was the other kind, the kind that threw itself down from the sky and splashed where it landed. It was rain that meant business, and currently its business was turning the garden into a muddy, wet soup. Caroline had watched all the videos she was bored with her toys and she’d read all her books.

She turned on the television she went from channel to channel to channel, but there was nothing on that men in suits talking about the stock market and talk shows eventually. She found something to watch. It was the last half of a natural history program about something called protective coloration. She watched animals, birds and insects which disguised themselves as leaves or twigs or other animals to escape from things that could hurt them. She enjoyed it, but it ended too soon and was followed by a program about a cake factory.

It was time to talk to her father, coraline’s father was home. Both of her parents worked doing things on computers, which meant that they were home a lot of the time each of them had their own study, hello, caroline. He said when she came in without turning around said. Caroline, it’s raining yup said her father, it’s bucketing down! No said: caroline, it’s just raining.

Can i go outside? What does your mother say? She says you’re not going out in weather like that caroline jones, then no, but i want to carry on exploring then explore the flat suggested her father. Look: here’s a piece of paper and a pen count all the doors and windows list. Everything blue mount, an expedition to discover the hot water tank and leave me alone to work.

Can i go into the drawing room? The drawing room was where the joneses kept the expensive and uncomfortable furniture. Caroline’S grandmother had left them when she died, coraline wasn’t allowed in there. Nobody went in there. It was only for best if you don’t make a mess, and you don’t touch anything caroline considered this carefully.

Then she took the paper and pen and went off to explore the inside of the flat. She discovered the hot water tank. It was in a cupboard in the kitchen, she counted everything: blue 153. She counted the windows 21. She counted the doors 14

Of the doors that she found, 13 opened and closed the other, the big carved

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