Boys Don’t Cry Audiobook

Boys Don’t Cry audiobook
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Meghna Pant Boys Don’t Cry Audiobook 🎧

When Maneka Pataudi is arrested as the prime suspect in her ex-murder, husband’s she reveals a disturbing story of marital abuse and neglect.

But is her confession true or false? Is she telling the story from the perspective of a victim or a perpetrator? Is it better for women to kill or be killed for love?

New Delhi, Jan 11 (PTI): Meghna Pant’s new novel «Boys Don’t Cry» takes readers behind the closed doors of a modern Indian marriage made in hell.

Penguin Random House India published the book, which is based on a true story, on January 17. (PRHI). It’s an engrossing crime and abuse story billed as a thriller with a twist.

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Meghna Pant Biography

Pant’s writings have received critical and financial praise as one of India’s top novelists. She has eight books published, including BOYS DON’T CRY (Penguin Random House, 2022), THE TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, VERY BAD GOOD NEWS (Penguin Random House, 2021), HOW TO GET PUBLISHED IN INDIA (Bloomsbury, 2019), HOLY 100 (Rupa, 2019), FEMINIST RANI (Penguin Random House, 2018), THE TROUBLE WITH WOMEN (Jugger (Westland, 2012). ​

Pant has received numerous awards and nominations for her contributions to literature, gender issues, and journalism, including the Bharat Nirman Award, Laadli Media Award, FICCI’s Young Achiever’s Award, The Lifestyle Journalist ‘Women Achiever’s Award, FON South Asia Short Story Award, Muse India Young Writer Award, Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, Frank O’Connor International Award, and the Commonwealth Short Story Prize. ​

Her short stories have appeared in a number of international literary magazines, including Avatar Review, Wasafari, Eclectica, The Indian Quarterly, and QLRS, as well as anthologies such as Namita Gokhale’s THE HIMALAYAN ARC, where her story Boongthing was praised by The Hindu, Telegraph, Business Standard, and Hindustan Times.

Her work has appeared in a variety of publications, including The Times of India, Hindustan Times, DNA, MidDay, The Asian Age, Mumbai Mirror, Tehelka, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Verve, Cosmopolitan, Grazia, Man’s World, Little India, South Asian Times, India Today, Scroll, Firstpost, The Huffington Post, DailyO, and BuzzFeed.

​​Pant is a vocal feminist and supporter of gender equality. She hosts a famous monthly panel discussion on feminism in Mumbai called ‘Feminist Rani,’ and she interviews India’s foremost opinion makers and change leaders on internet series including She’s The Boss (Firstpost), First Lady (Firstpost), and Get Real (Firstpost) (SheThePeople.TV). In her TEDx presentations, she has spoken out against domestic abuse.

Pant is also notable for condensing The Mahabharata, the world’s longest epic, into one hundred tweets, which The Guardian (UK) described as «wonderfully descriptive and paced.»

Many of the country’s largest literary festivals and conferences have invited Pant to speak, including TEDx, Jaipur Literature Festival, Times Lit Fest (Delhi & Mumbai), Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, Pune International Literary Festival, Lucknow Literature Carnival, Think Literature, Litomania, Chandigarh Literati, Odisha Literary Festival, Hyderabad Literary Festival, Kumaon Lit Fest, Dehradun Literature Festival, Mood Indigo, TISS Literature

She appears on prime-time news programs such as Times Now, NDTV, CNN-IBN, and India Today TV, as well as overseas stations such as DW News (Germany) and CGTN (China). She also gives inspiring speeches to impoverished girls. She has worked with the Avanti Young Women Leadership Program, The Blue Ribbon Movement, Kehkasha 2017, Srujna Sheroes, and has mentored Sheroes and Vital Voices (a woman empowering initiative by Hillary Clinton).

special invitation from audible

Boys Don’t Cry Audiobook Excerpt Transcript

It was his mother’s leg, it had cramped again. It was also election day on us 4th of November 2008. The entire day, I had to be on-call live on my television network. I asked for work from home, so I could look after my mother-in-law and went to summit’s house as she lay on the pillow listening to bhajans, I massaged her legs.

There was hair on them and watts, but still, I massaged them, I gave her a hot water bottle. I found her medicines and administered them. I thought I’d make a nice lunch for the family, but work got more. Hectic Sunnis refused to help his father and he was watching for this. A working adult had to cook for three non-working adults because she was a woman.

I did protest, but I also didn’t have the time to soak basmati rice for 30 minutes before cooking. It. The way they liked it, i didn’t have the time to cook Lauki or make raita as dad had asked me to. We sat down to eat the air was sullen, there’s less jeera on the dal, my father-in-law said, and you added Haldi before the Lal Mirchi again. Didn’T you sorry, i replied insincerely, i admit dad criticized my food every time i cook, so i stopped trying to impress him sunit glared at me again.

There seemed to be his de facto face with me when his parents were around a feast designed to show them that their lard labata controlled his wife. I was past the point of caring. I wasn’t superwoman and didn’t intend to be one. They were discussing comedy and a move back to summit’s house next week. She would be joining us for dinner.

Today. They had held a separate family meeting with her the previous week. Sons only me on the condition that she apologized to them for having broken their trust and brought grief to their family. An email had found its way into my inbox as well apologizing for the toll. Her actions are taken on my marriage.

I hadn’t asked for an apology or needed one. She wasn’t the reason there was a toll on my marriage, but this was their condition for letting her back into the house into her house. I was just glad that i would no longer be the only outsider in this hell of a family later that evening, when we were cooking dinner in the kitchen ma turned to me and said i was going to slap you today again, i recalled at the use Of such language, why ma? What had i done? Where were you when my leg was cramping?

I looked at her in confusion. Maybe she was suffering from the onset of alzheimer’s. I was with you remember. I didn’t go to the office to look after you. I gave you medicines rubbed your legs, yes, and then you locked yourself in the room to sleep.

I rubbed my neck. In the last two months, i had a constant throbbing at the base of my neck. My shoulders were always stiff. My back was in perpetual pain. It was as though an iron mold had been cast inside my body.

I wasn’t sleeping ma. I was working. I said slowly as it talking to a three-year-old child. I had to be a live television today. Remember i locked the door so that no one would walk in by mistake.

I told you this is your work so important that you ignore this family? Is it worth it that you’re, hardly even making money there? It was first they wanted a working wife for their son who also cooked and cleaned. Now they wanted a rich working wife who also cooked and clean. Did they think that their unemployed lazy son was such a good catch?

You left me alone for an hour when my leg was cramping. She continued was her leg, cramping a performance we had to witness. That’S, not how family behaves. There was no way to win with this family. I mumbled an apology.

Maybe the strategy was to divert the discussion to more positive topics like dad’s upcoming, 60th birthday so ma. I asked carefully adding one and a half katories of water to the dal the way they liked it. I’D sent all of you some ideas to celebrate dad’s birthday, but i didn’t hear back from anyone. What do you think? Why don’t you ask him yourself?

She snapped i. I thought it would be a surprise. I was thinking of making him a cartoon strip about his life. I had told you all about this a month ago. I think, let me know if we should do it, otherwise it will not be ready in time for his birthday.

Are you threatening me what how dare you you threaten me in my own kitchen, saying this she walked out of the kitchen i stared after her she was walking straight towards sunni to complain about me. Once again. I had no idea what i’d done wrong. I realized that finding faults for the person does not require the actual presence of falls in that person i held back my tears. It was difficult.

This was a rare time in my life and i was crying all the time. Sometimes i was so overwhelmed by my own unhappiness that i would cry in public. The first time i did this a few weeks ago was, while carrying two heavy bags of groceries home. I was so embarrassed about crying in front of people that i wore my sunglasses. Even though it was winter and there was no sun, you will find the link in the description of this video thanks for watching this video, it is crucial for me that you subscribe and give a like.

I appreciate it. Finally, if you activate the bell icon, you will receive a notice from youtube. Every time i upload a new video have a great day.

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