Biomancer Audiobook

Biomancer Audiobook
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Biomancer Audiobook 🎧 Shemer Kuznits

A new series set in the New Era Online universe from the author of Life Reset!
John Slater was never interested in video games. Now he must defeat one in order to save his brother.
John, a battle-hardened ex-special forces soldier, was never a gamer, unlike his brother. But if he is to save his younger sibling, he must learn quickly. He’s not familiar with magic, monsters, or levels, and his real-world skills aren’t as useful as he believes.
He has the advantage of being used to adapting on the fly. And the world will soon discover why his squadmates nicknamed him Seraph, which translates to «death angel.»

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I walked into a white sterile room that looked identical to the other ones I passed in this high-end recovery facility moving closer to the single hospital bed. I gazed down at my brother’s, immobile form. Gideon looked frail and thin skin pale, his eyes sunken and larger than they should have been stared vacantly at the ceiling giddy. I asked softly putting my hand on the top of his head. Ruffling, his hair, slightly his empty eyes, didn’t seem to register the touch.

I moved my gaze to the nurse who led me inside feelings of turmoil and cold anger bubbling up to the surface. How long has he been like this? The woman gulped nervously as her eyes met mine. I berated myself internally. I’D inadvertently use my commanding officer voice, which was only slightly better than my questioning, a prisoner one that wasn’t good.

The nervous woman had done nothing wrong. She was the kind of person my line of work was supposed to protect ma’am. I added trying to rectify the situation the nurse’s eyes darted around, as if searching for someone else to answer the question, but it was just the two of us next to my brother’s bed. It was mostly fine at first there were obvious signs of lingering trauma, but he was responsive and reactive. He had constant nightmares, though, and as time passed by, he became more reclusive, retreating more and more into himself.

The experience he underwent started to get to him. Despite our best efforts, he was prescribed strong antidepressants and received some of the best psychological therapy money could buy, but he refused to open up about the ordeal he went through. Whatever happened to him during that incident was more profound than we’d first estimated and his condition kept getting worse. The incident i snorted calling a catastrophic failure that caused the imprisonment of thousands of players inside of virtual reality. World an incident was a monumental understatement.

It had been two years since the trapped players were finally freed after having been trapped for 16 days and 14 months from their perspective neo new era online was the biggest virtual game up to that point in time, hosting tens of millions of players at any given Moment I was on a long-term mission behind enemy lines. At the time the incident occurred, fighting and eliminating high-profile targets, so was somewhat out of the loop. When i finally got word of Gideon, my young brother was one of the imprisoned players. It was too late for me to return to help rescue him. Someone else had already done the deed.

I had failed him again, my eyes narrowed. As the memories of the last time it happened, came rushing back at me, john. I could hear my brother’s steps outside in the corridor of our parent’s house the hurried pace indicating he was heading toward my room and sure enough. He barged in without knocking i’m kind of busy training you little rascal. I said i had my new karate outfit on and i was just inspecting the fit and my muscles in front of the mirror.

Luckily, gideon’s noisy approach gave me plenty of time to step back and appear serious, but i was playing magic to gathering my friends at the park and a couple of bigger kids came over and just took them the cards, not my friends. I groaned again with that. Nerd crap man – i told you already if you play that out in the open, you’re looking for trouble, but we’re just playing by ourselves. We didn’t bother anyone. His eyes were starting to tear up.

I sighed kitty might have been a nerd, but he was my nerd. The person i cared the most for in this world, fine, i signed and ruffled his hair, causing him to perk up. Who are these guys? I’M not sure he wiped his tears and started to smile as he looked up at me. He knew i had his back bigger boys from your school.

I think i don’t know their names. Our schools were adjacent. Giddy was a fourth grader, while i was in the eighth meaning, whoever bullied him was probably smaller than me. Seeing as i already had my karate key on, i figured scaring a couple of kids off. My brother would be easy enough.

It had been a while, since i had to do it most, students knew better fine. Let’S go. I walked into a white sterile room that looked identical to the other ones. I passed in this high-end recovery facility moving closer to the single hospital bed. I gazed down at my brother’s, immobile form: gideon, looked frail and thin skin pale, his eyes sunken and larger than they should have been.

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