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Clyde’s adventures continue as he returns to Glaton – but not before stopping by the City of Darkness, as he promised. Right. Then it’s back through the City of Darkness to Glaton. Except…wait. What exactly is going on in Furtaxo, a small coastal town? Starting with Furtaxo. Clyde will be able to move on to the next quest if he can solve that mystery.

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Up other players that were his in an obvious violation of not only precedent but also written accord. Are you talking about kent? Ah, yes, kent, Mr paul said with relish. I do say that it’s just wonderful, you got the god of shadows to agree to be called kent. A generation of mortals will know no fear from the great and mighty god kent simply splendid.

I imagine that little bit of tomfoolery gained you quite a bit of look from the rest of us involved in what, ah again not a salient question for you, my dear boy, your questions should focus on what will happen to you right. I guess, but I imagine you expected to wake up in a ball of clay reformed as he glanced down at his papers, Clyde’s hatchet with two t’s. Your name is spelled incorrectly interesting. It’S I mean no matter whatever you presumed. I doubt it was anywhere near meeting me in this.

Well, he just heard of the space around us void. Do I have options or a choice, of course, dear boy, you and your actions were examined quite closely and it was found that, while you certainly bent and pushed the rules at no point did you actually break any of them. Nor do I argue: did you even understand what rules you might have been in the process of breaking so I can just go back. Sadly, no you have been well, there have been irregularities and it would seem there are but three options in this regard. First, I believe it might be possible to find a timeline wherein I could re-insert you with a few little provisions, so you might resume life as ben Zukowski, part-time pizza boy.

I could go back to my old life as um out right before you continue on that train of thought. No, you would not go back as you are now, nor would you be going back as who you were exactly as you would not exactly be returning to where you left or when you left. Naturally, I would try to get you back to a timeline as similar to the one you left as possible, but there is no way to promise anything close to exact, which could make life confusing at best or untenable at worst. Can imagine how it would have been worse? I muttered I would counter them that you have not been doing much imagining now.

I hesitate to say anything to sway your opinion on this, but it would take considerable power and time to make option one happen. So if you were to say, choose against option one, it would do quite a bit toward placing you in the Mr paul owes you a favored club, which is a highly selective organization, with ample benefits onward. It would seem an option. 2 is not possible, so we move right on to wait. Why is option 2 not possible impossible is not exactly the right term more like not possible.

I could do it, but there are. Why include it? Then? Because it is on the form he said, holding up a piece of paper for the briefest of seconds just enough time for me to see that there were in fact, several things typed on the paper, none of which I could read. If it is on the form, I am bound to let you know, rules are rules for a reason you mind.

Just humor me with option two fine option. Two is returning you to valdrani, just as you left seriously. Why is that not an option, because you specifically enacted a spell that ensures? You cannot return as you left and your old form was one that does not conform to the rules now option. Three is a brand new, you at least a brand new hue, where you return to voldrani option three.

Are you sure you would not like me to finish um? Let’S see, I have three options, but I can’t actually take option two which leaves me with going back to being ben Zukowski in a life of suck or option 3, where I’m not going back to a life of suck. It’s not like, there’s much to mull over. I see well option 3, then he ticked a box in the paper. There are a few well issues we have yet to address seems like there always are.

Yes, there are always issues to address. In this regard, I have to point out that you may not return to the world as you left it figured astute. So what can I return as this begins the difficult portion of our little interchange because you have no patron at present? What about kent? Kent has had his patronage privileges revoked for the remainder of this round.


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