9 Things You Simply Must Do to Succeed in Love and Life Audiobook

9 Things You Simply Must Do to Succeed in Love and Life Audiobook
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9 Things You Simply Must Do to Succeed in Love and Life Audiobook

A Psychologist discovers what works and what doesn’t from his patients.
Find out what successful people have in common in terms of behaviors and responses.
For many years, Dr. Henry Cloud has observed people attempting to resolve life’s most pressing issues, such as relationships, career, fulfillment, meaning, pain, hurt, loss, despair, and addictions. 9 Things You Simply Must Do gives us the practical advice we need to live life to the fullest…at all times, if we truly want to «get life right» and stop making the same mistakes.

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Always face and resolve situations. In the same way, then I went on a little memory trip and the mystery started to unravel a bit. The previous week was not the first time I had seen someone do what this business partner had done. I had seen other people in similar situations who had done exactly what my friend had done, and they had done it in a very similar manner. It was as if all these people were the same person in a way, but here is the interesting thing and the thing that added to the confusion, all these people were very different from one another.

They had different backgrounds, different personalities, different kinds of lives, different economic circumstances, and different abilities, but they were the same and they shared this particular way of handling life, and that commonality, I realized, was the deja vu I kept experiencing. I was not encountering the same person over and over again, I was encountering a way of performing a way of doing things that were so profound and at the same time, so simple and subtle that they both stood out and were concealed. At the same time, realization number one as I reflected upon the people who possessed this one pattern in common, something else became evident. They were all successful in life now. Admittedly, there are a lot of definitions of success and I am not trying to tell you which definition you should adopt.

What I am saying here is that all of these people, in my deja vu experience, tended to accomplish success in love and life in the ways that they defined success. They moved forward. They did not stay stuck repeating the same mistakes over and over again, they reached their goals and found what they were looking for in life. There must be a connection I thought with their success and this particular pattern of behavior that I kept observing. I realized that I was not looking at a person.

I was looking at a pattern as a way of behaving now that I recognized the pattern. I decided to look for it even more as a path that successful people took given a certain set of choices. This was realization number one for me. The answer to who this person was not a person at all. It was a way realization number two.

I thought I had pretty much solved the mystery I just figured. I had stumbled on some sort of personality type that superseded other clinical ways of categorizing people. I was recognizing a successful personality type. I could spot him or her by this way of behaving. I had begun to identify.

Remember, though, successful in the way that I defined it does not necessarily mean success in the ways the world often defines it, it does not necessarily mean becoming wealthy, although some of the people in my deja vu experiences were wealthy even extremely so, neither does it mean Famous though some of them were that as well, nor does it mean monstrously accomplished and at the top of their fields. Although many were, I am not defining success by these symbolic measurements. I mean simply that these people were getting from life. What they had decided. They wanted this could be in the realm of vocation relationships, spiritual attainment, or otherwise, life was working for them.

Then something else happened. I do not know why? Maybe because I was no longer confused by the mystery whatever it was. I began to notice that, as I watched these people, I had the same sense of deja vu, but with a twist, there were other behaviors these people had in common. In addition to the ones I had first witnessed, I began to identify several ways of behaving and responding to situations that successful people had in common ways that they handled themselves their relationships, their work, and their lives.

Realization number two was that there was no identifiable personality type common to these successful people. Rather it was this person who found what they were looking for in life seemed to do a certain set of things in common. There were several identifiable ways that these people did life and, for the most part, they all…

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